3 thoughts on “How to do WeChat promotion in the restaurant, seek Xiangxiang”

  1. There are many ways to cater WeChat marketing:
    . Send your own special dishes to WeChat, and scan the QR code of this dish on the occasion.

    . Praise campaign, as long as one person repossesses 200 likes, you can discount.

    3. Sending pictures. You can consume and take three photos in your store and send them to WeChat [email protected] discount.

    . The starting point of group purchase: The starting point of the catering industry

    a few years ago, large and small group buying websites emerged in China. "The most important card for these group purchase websites is the group purchase of the catering industry. The group purchase website can gather a large number of customer resources through the Internet, so that there will be better bargaining capabilities and can get a lower group purchase price from the merchant. In this way, consumers can get some high -value products at a lower price. And some restaurants with high prices and small flows or restaurants just opened, in order to make awareness and increase their popularity, they also hope to cooperate with group buying websites.
    The cooperation has also led to the development of the catering industry, so that some restaurants that have good quality but failed to be recognized by consumers for various reasons have gained popularity. However, with the increasingly fierce competition of group purchase websites, many have been eliminated by the market. And some large group purchase websites have also been controlled by large Internet companies such as Ali and Tencent, becoming a part of its O2O closed loop, because the group purchase and promotion of catering are the best entry points for these online companies to conduct offline businesses.
    It you can look at these activities, and you can also think of more activities yourself.

  2. Do WeChat personal account, and WeChat public account, enter WeChat group, find local fans, combine online and offline! Wish you a prosperous business

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