What are the measures to accelerate the development of industrial pillar industries and characteristic advantageous industries

What are the measures to accelerate the development of industrial pillar industries and characteristic advantageous industries

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  1. On January 27, 2010, the three session of the 11th National People's Congress of the Autonomous Region opened in Nanning. The government work report made by the chairman of the autonomous region proposes that in 2010, the autonomous region government will start from Guangxi to effectively transform the economic development mode, make every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, and make bigger and stronger industries. Starting from the actual situation of Guangxi, we must make bigger and stronger industries as the core strategy and main direction of economic development, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and enhance sustainable development capabilities, and make every effort to implement the decision to make bigger and stronger industries. And 40 supporting documents promoted the change in development and developed in the transformation.
    Colon 4 emerging industries for the cultivation and development of 14 billion yuan. In 2010, the autonomous region government will accelerate the construction of the "14 4" industrial system and adhere to the industrial priority development. To this end, it will make every effort to build 14 14 of food, metal, metal, metallurgy, machinery, building materials, papermaking and wood processing, electronic information, pharmaceutical manufacturing, textiles and leather, biological, repair ships and marine engineering equipment The 100 billion yuan industry, cultivating and developing four emerging industries including new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and ocean.
    M multi -measure promoting technical transformation projects. According to the government work report, in 2010, the autonomous region government will increase investment in technological transformation and highlight the construction of 2093 new and renewal industrial projects with a total investment of 429 billion yuan. For example, 1800,000 cars, 2 million engines, 16 million tons of oil, 1 million tons of alkali, 10,000 excavators, and "two -transformation integration" demonstrations, including the implementation of 1.5 million vehicles, 2 million tons of oil, 1 million tons of oil, 1 million tons of oil, 1 million tons of alkali.
    In addition, the autonomous region level will focus on the research and development and manufacturing base of SAIC -GM Wuling medium sedan, Dongfeng Liu Singyi sedan, Liugong Construction mechanical hydraulic component, Sinochemical Rubberin Guilin Company, High Late Tire Industrialization, Jade Chai Foundation Center, etc. A batch of projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan to promote corporate transformation and upgrading. Accelerate the use of high -tech transformation to improve traditional industries, and revitalize old industrial bases such as Liuzhou, Guilin, Nanning, Wuzhou, and Yulin.
    The countermeasures and measures to promote the development of Guangxi's advantageous industrial cluster
    (1) Deepen the ideological understanding, change the concept
    Space framework is often where a country or one place is competitive. Cultivating and developing industrial clusters is an important policy measure to improve the competitiveness of the country and region to cope with the challenges of globalization. From the perspective of the successful practice of developing industrial clusters in developed regions, governments and departments at all levels should reverse the procedures for economic construction, that is, from supporting the "enterprise one industry" to support "cluster one industry and one enterprise". Actual experience also repeatedly proves that the industry is not prosperous, and there will be no decent development future for a single enterprise. The construction and development of the Guangxi Industrial Cluster has attracted great attention from the leadership of the party committee and government of the autonomous region, but some places pay attention to insufficient attention.
    1. Fully realize that the development of advantageous industrial clusters is a major measure to accelerate the comprehensive construction of a well -off society and the construction of a wealthy civilization and harmony in Guangxi. The Ninth Party Congress of the Autonomous Region proposed that in the next five years or even longer, the goal of struggle in our district is to speed up the people's new leaping pace and build a well -off society in an all -round way, and strive to build a wealthy civilization and harmony in Guangxi. To achieve this grand goal, it is necessary to accelerate the revitalization industry, vigorously develop the advantageous industrial clusters, strengthen the comprehensive economic strength, and provide a strong economic foundation for the construction of a wealthy civilization and harmony in Guangxi.
    . It is an important part of promoting new industrialization and new urbanization. Industrialization urbanization is a must -have stage and the only way to achieve modernization. It is the leading direction and core strategy of accelerating development in our district. It is necessary to adhere to the use of industrialization to drive urbanization, promote industrialization with urbanization, support each other, promote each other, and follow the new industrialization roads and new urbanization roads suitable for Guangxi district. Vigorously developing an advantageous industrial cluster and strengthening the advantageous industries are the deserved meaning of implementing the core strategy of industrialized urbanization.
    3. It is an important means to improve the ability of independent innovation. Strengthening independent innovation capabilities and building an innovative country is a major strategic measure to implement a new situation of scientific development and establish a new situation of socialist modernization in a new historical period. Vigorously develop an advantageous industrial cluster. Only by enhancing the ability of independent innovation can we cultivate leading companies with core competitiveness and strong radiation driving capabilities, can we extend the industry chain, enlarge and strengthen advantageous industries, and cultivate superior industrial clusters.
    4. It is an important platform for expanding openness and cooperation. The basis of expanding openness and cooperation lies in economic strength and market scale, continuously enhances economic strength, and expands market scale to further promote openness and cooperation. At present, Guangxi is facing emerging opportunities in many regional cooperation at home and abroad, seizing opportunities, obtaining resources, and developing themselves. It is not only an objective needs for developing an advantageous industrial group, but also the inherent requirements of further expanding opening up and cooperation. Economic strength can further consolidate the foundation of openness and cooperation.
    5. It is an important carrier for building environmentally friendly and resource -saving society. Building environmentally friendly and resource -saving society has become the basic national policy of my country in the new era. To change the way of economic development, according to the extensive development model of self -development and self -contribution, develop an advantageous industrial cluster in accordance with the principle of comparative advantages, form an overall industrial advantage, reduce the economic and environmental costs of industrial development, build people, nature, and society The situation of harmonious development.
    6. It is an important support for accelerating the construction of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. Accelerating the development of the Economic Zone of the Guangxi Beibu Gulf is a new starting point for the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and the People's Government of the Autonomous Region. Based on Guangxi, look at the Pan Beibu Gulf and put Guangxi's strategic decisions in the context of the China ASEAN Free Trade Zone. Accelerate the development of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, and get out of the previous development of some areas of some areas in my country. A new magnificent goal of developing a new coastal coast.
    7. It is an effective way to achieve and improve the comprehensive economic competitiveness of our district. At present, Guangxi's economic foundation is weak and the development strength is not strong. One important reason is that the industry is not large, the advantageous industries are not strong, and the industrial cluster is far from forming. To strengthen the economic strength of Guangxi, we must focus on developing superior industrial clusters, vigorously cultivate leading enterprises in various industries, actively develop SMEs that are supported by leading enterprises, accelerate the formation of various types of advantageous industrial clusters, in order to enhance domestic and foreign competitiveness of advantageous industries, and build for construction for construction. The wealthy civilization and harmony of Guangxi provide a strong industrial foundation.
    8. It is conducive to the construction of county economy and rural urbanization. Small and medium -sized enterprises are the foundation of rural urbanization. In the area where SMEs are concentrated, due to the interaction and resource sharing of the enterprise, the polarization effect of regional economic growth, growth polarization, and continuous attracting various elements in the surrounding areas , So that this area forms a densely populated area. It is conducive to accelerating civicization of farmers, modernization of lifestyle, and non -agriculturalization of employment.
    9. It is conducive to solving the problem of "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas." First, small and medium -sized enterprises clusters have become an effective carrier for rural labor transfer. Second, the development of industrial clusters has promoted the stable growth of farmers' income. On the whole, the county with a better cluster of small and medium -sized enterprises in rural areas has a high per capita net income of farmers, and it is generally higher than the local average.
    (2) Strengthen organizational coordination and strengthen public services
    . Establish a joint meeting system. Under the unified leadership of the Autonomous Region Government, the establishment of a joint meeting system consisting of relevant departments composed of the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region, Economic Commission, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Finance, Land Resources, Finance, Taxes, Industry and Commerce, Commerce, Environmental Protection, Statistics, etc. The main leader or executive vice chairman of the autonomous region government is the appointment. Study and formulate long -term planning and policies and measures for cultivating and developing superior industrial clusters, coordinate and solve difficulties, problems and policies in the development of industrial clusters, and strengthen supervision.
    . Preparation for development planning. Leved by the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region, we will compile the industrial cluster development plan in the region with the relevant departments of the Economic Commission of the Autonomous Region. The content of the plan mainly includes the overall ideas, goals, key, measures and key projects of industrial development. It is necessary to strengthen the guiding role of planning, connect industrial cluster planning with local construction planning, and obey the overall planning and environmental protection planning of regional construction; use industrial cluster development planning as a cut person, guide the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure and the regional industrial public service platform Construction, guide related industries to gather to professional parks, and form a more reasonable industrial layout in the region.
    3. Strengthen responsibility system. Relevant departments such as the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region and the Economic Commission should strictly implement relevant responsibilities, including the implementation of the development planning of specific industrial clusters, the formulation of policies, the implementation of fiscal and tax preferential policies, the implementation of investment projects, land, and industrial and commercial registration. Reduce administrative approval procedures, implement one -stop service of government affairs, strictly implement the first questioning system, time -limited settlement system, and accountability system. Do a good job of various services and improve administrative efficiency.
    4. Innovative institutional mechanism. The system and mechanism of innovative industrial clusters will reduce the constraints of cluster development and stimulate the vitality of industrial cluster development. Such as the innovative financial and taxation system, inspire the development of advantageous industrial clusters, develop the "flying land" economy, promote the advantageous industrial cluster, implement tax sharing, market integration, land management, investment and financing system, etc.
    5. Construct a public service platform. Establish and improve the intermediary service system, and actively develop information, technology, finance, law, design, planning, research and development, consulting, auditing, accounting, price certification, patent certification, and provide socialized, professional and standardized services for enterprises. Accelerate the development of the modern logistics industry, coordinate planning, and establish a regional logistics park, logistics center, and distribution center around the advantageous industrial cluster. Combined with the development of advantageous industrial clusters, the construction and upgrading of professional markets is promoted, and a number of international and national product market centers are cultivated. Promote the construction of quality supervision, integrity supervision, intellectual property protection, fair competition, etc., strengthen price coordination, and build an orderly competition market environment.
    (3) Actively cultivate and develop leading enterprises, extend the industrial chain and closer the industrial group
    . Implementation of leading enterprises and brand -name drive strategies. Support the reorganization, merger, introduction, and acquisition of leading enterprises, establish a incentive mechanism for leading enterprises, and rewards leading enterprises with outstanding contributions and outstanding entrepreneurs. Formulate the identification criteria for leading enterprises, focus on supporting a batch of high output values, drive the development of leading enterprises with outstanding role, and give tilt in terms of funds, technology, and information, making it the core subject of the advantageous industrial cluster, and use it to cultivate its development and development advantageous industries. The leading role in the cluster has given full play to the driving effect of the gathering, so that it will gradually derive and attract more related enterprises to gather. Continue to cultivate, optimize and enhance the overall image of the advantageous industrial cluster through innovation groups, quality groups, credit groups, and overall communication, and shape regional brands. Enterprise brands and regional brands are mutually reflected and promoted. According to analysis, creating a regional brand with national and even world influence is an important symbol of a modern industrial cluster. A well -known regional brand can create amazing comprehensive value, can further promote the gathering of industry companies, promote local investment promotion, and promote the entry of domestic and foreign buyers. Governments at all levels should take advantage of cluster development advantages and high popularity of the industry. By strengthening the promotion of regional economic images, organizing enterprises to participate in various important conventions, while expanding business opportunities for enterprises, and creating their own regional brands. In places where industrial clusters are developing better, through the extension of the industrial chain in the original industrial cluster, cultivate new industrial clusters in some links upstream and downstream, increase the connection between industrial clusters, and gradually form an industrial cluster network. Each advantageous industries also require the extension and integration of this industrial chain within the industry and industrial clusters.
    . Integrate leading enterprises and strengthen the construction of the industrial chain. Accelerate leading enterprises and reorganize, build the core of industrial clusters, and give full play to its role, radiation, and driving role. Encourage leading enterprises to separate supporting parts and specific production processes, and cultivate a number of professional supporting enterprises in the cluster, thereby increasing the supporting rate in the province. Give full play to the role of small and medium -sized enterprises, encourage private enterprises to actively participate in the reform and reorganization of state -owned enterprises, and cultivate a healthy and vibrant micro -subject for the development of industrial clusters. Relying on the power of the market to achieve the optimization allocation of resources, vigorously carry out the industrial chain investment, directly provide investors with the market through the industrial chain, provide raw materials and intermediate products; reduce the cost of enterprise transaction, reduce investment risks Industrial clusters. The development of industrial clusters with good development should cultivate new industrial clusters in some links in the upstream and downstream through the extension of the industrial chain in the original industrial cluster, increase the connection between industrial clusters, and gradually form an industrial cluster network. Loans can effectively reduce financial risks in the industrial chain. Therefore, creating an industrial chain will effectively promote the connection between financial institutions and industrial clusters, enable companies on the chain to obtain credit support, and help promote the development of small and medium -sized enterprises in the cluster.
    3. Establish an encouragement and subsidy mechanism for the development of downstream industries in advantageous industries. Guangxi should actively strive for a system of paid use system and compensation mechanism for aluminum mines, hydropower resources. Facilities construction. Primary processing enterprises stipulated that a certain percentage of profits for high -profile industrial resources must be used to invest in downstream industries. The land use rights paid by the superior industrial transfer project will be transferred, and the return parks remaining in the autonomous region will be returned to the park for land development and rectification. It can be handled in accordance with regulations that meet the relevant national related reduction policies.
    4. Promote the professional division of industrial clusters. In accordance with the principles of market economy and voluntary enterprises, guide cluster enterprises to strengthen the development of upstream and downstream integration of the industrial chain and the development of division of labor in the same industry. Establish a garden (supporting center) in the national and autonomous region -level economic development zones and industrial parks. An annual supporting output value of the supporting center of the advantageous industrial cluster reaches more than 500 million yuan, the autonomous region's finance can give a one -time reward of 500,000 yuan, and the annual supporting output value reaches more than 1 billion yuan. Enterprises stripped business outside the core business and derived a number of supporting enterprises. All the supporting enterprises (supporting enterprises formed by the core enterprise business of the core enterprise business) in the key industrial cluster that focus on the development of our district for three consecutive years have entered the top ten or a single product domestic market share in the domestic industry, entering the top three. The autonomous region's finances can give a one -time reward of 500,000 yuan.
    (4) Increase infrastructure construction, develop and improve key parks
    1. Improve the infrastructure conditions of the advantageous industrial clustering area. Accelerate the construction of logistics infrastructure such as transportation, communications, warehousing, and so on to reduce the logistics costs of industrial clusters; increase the degree of energy guarantee of the advantageous industrial clustering area, improve the water supply conditions and environmental protection, drainage, sewage, waste treatment, greening, greening, greening, greening, greening, greening, greening, and greening of the advantageous industrial cluster. , Supporting living facilities, etc.; Optimize the comprehensive transportation network layout, improve the speed and transportation energy of traffic facilities such as highway, railway, waterway, civil aviation, etc., and create a better investment hard environment, thereby increasing the carrying capacity of the industrial cluster aggregation area to undertake the carrying capacity of the industry's carrier capacity And attractiveness, make the advantageous industrial cluster the main carrier and platform for our district to undertake industrial transfer.
    . Development and improvement of key parks. In accordance with the principles of centralized layout, industrial agglomeration, land concentration, and ecological environmental protection, integrate, optimize, and enhance the existing development zones and industrial parks, make the development plan of the park connect with the development plan of the advantageous industrial cluster, and reasonably determine the leading industrial positioning of the park. Vigorously cultivate well -known product brands and regional brands of advantageous industrial clusters, and develop and enhance a number of key parks and industrial belts for industrial agglomeration and development.
    3. Strengthen the construction of advantageous industrial cluster projects. Support the preliminary work of projects in the industrial cluster agglomeration area, establish project libraries; accelerate the construction of major projects in the industrial cluster gathering zone, incorporate the project of cluster projects into the scope of major projects for co -planning of the autonomous region; vigorously support the project transfer projects, support industrial cluster collaboration Supporting projects. Regarding the investment projects with more than 30 million yuan in investment, it is uniformly included in the management of key construction projects in the autonomous region after approval by the autonomous region government, simplified approval procedures and enjoys preferential treatment for the construction costs of relevant project construction, and ensures the needs of the development of projects for the development of the advantages. Priority to ensure the supply of important production factors such as coal, electricity, oil, and transportation of industrial clusters.
    4. Build a professional market. The development of professional markets and industries has an internal symbiotic relationship, and the prosperity of the professional market can drive the development of the industry. All localities should create conditions, set up markets to run markets, strengthen the supporting facilities of professional markets and characteristic industries, accelerate industrial concentration through market construction, and provide stable market space for industrial development. The construction and development of the market should make full use of advanced methods such as informatization, continuously improve market functions, expand market transaction scale and radiation radius, establish a virtual information market, play an role of information dissemination, and further promote the development of industrial clusters.
    (5) Actively undertake industrial transfer and increase investment in investment
    1. Actively undertake the transfer of the eastern industry. Actively undertake industrial transfer and make full use of the two resources and two markets at home and abroad. It is an effective way to strengthen the advantageous industrial clusters in our district. At present, the flow of international production factor flow and industrial transfer continues to accelerate, especially in the eastern region of my country, which are restricted by factors such as labor, land, resources, and environmental carrying capacity. A rare opportunity. We must stand at a global strategic height, fully understand the significance of undertaking industrial transfer, adapt to the trend, seize opportunities, and accelerate the promotion of various tasks to undertake industrial transfer with a more positive attitude and strong measures. Leaping Development. Focusing on promoting the new type of industrialization of our district, taking the industrial park as the carrier, with the goal of accepting the industries that meet the national industrial policy and meet the needs of the economic development of our district, focus on the industrial transfer of the Eastern developed areas. In order to ensure the construction of the environment and policy environment, create a good investment environment, actively undertake industrial transfer, expand employment, and accelerate the process of industrialization urbanization.
    . Increase investment in investment. Focusing on the development goals of the advantageous industrial cluster, focusing on structural optimization and industrial upgrading as the goal, focusing on the supporting industrial chain facilities, and carrying out investment promotion activities for well -known domestic and foreign enterprises, attach importance to the introduction of major projects and dense funds, guidance, guidance Cluster enterprises strengthen the development of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and the development of division of labor in the same industry, and promote the formation of emerging industrial clusters. The first is to strive to eliminate the industrial chain of the advantageous industries, actively introduce related enterprises and projects of upstream and downstream products in the advantageous industries, and make bigger and stronger industries. The second is to closer the relevant industrial chain with the advantageous industries, support collaborative supporting projects for industrial clusters, and vigorously extend and extend the industrial chain. Promote complementary products in the cluster, comprehensive utilization of resources, reducing production costs, increasing logistics speed, and achieving a reasonable flow of outstanding talents. The third is to improve the breadth and depth of investment promotion. It is necessary to play a leading role in the introduction of cluster enterprises, form the introduction of corporate associations, fellow village associations, and associate with developed provinces and cities as friendly cities to drive investment promotion to developed provinces and cities; focus on the introduction of powerful large enterprise groups, well -known brands and Enterprises with good growth; combining industrial cluster development planning with investment promotion, using local advantages to selectively attract key enterprises to settle locally; pay close attention to well -known domestic enterprises, colleges and scientific research institutes, and adopt venture capital investment , Fiscal subsidies and other methods, introduce technology, products, projects and talents, accelerate the development of high -tech industries, and strive to form a number of high -tech industrial clusters.
    3. Actively explore international operations focusing on the ASEAN market. The development of advantageous industrial clusters should meet the needs of the construction of an ASEAN Free Trade Zone in China, and actively integrate into the economic globalization and regional economic integration. Focus on the overall idea of ​​international business. Actively guide enterprises in the advantageous industrial cluster to actively integrate into the global industrial chain of multinational companies, complement large enterprises to develop products, develop supporting processing of small and medium -sized enterprises, and build an organic connection between enterprises and global production systems within the world cluster.
    (6) Increase policy support and improve agglomeration capacity
    . Industrial policy support. The first is to list key industrial clusters as a priority development catalog and clear layout. Effectively achieve the preliminary work support of the advantageous industrial cluster project, the priority of investment project approval, government funding support, infrastructure supporting priority, and land use indicators. The second is to plan and build a group of superior industrial cluster upgrade demonstration zones, give play to the government's guidance and support role, and promote the transformation of existing industrial clusters to innovative industrial clusters in accordance with regional coordinated development and enhancement of industrial competitiveness. The main support construction includes several industrial upgrading demonstration zones including the pillar industry. Create regional brands, make the industrial upgrade demonstration zone a base for pillar industry, stage for small and medium -sized enterprises and private economy, the main body of the county economy, and the main force of promoting coordinated development of the region, thereby driving the development of industrial clusters faster and better.
    . Financial and tax policy support. Establish special funds for the development of advantageous industrial clusters in the autonomous region, and the autonomous region currently arrange a certain amount of funds every year. It adopts loan discounts, free funding, capital investment and other methods to support the construction of key technological transformation, technological innovation projects and public service platforms for advantageous industrial clusters. The basic construction funds, technological transformation funds and scientific and technological funds arranged by the autonomous region's finances must focus on supporting the preliminary work, technological transformation and technology research and development of the project cluster. All cities and county governments must also arrange funds to support the construction of project construction for the development of industrial clusters. For advantageous industrial cluster projects, the local area can return the land use fees and other parts or all of them, and appropriately reduce the operating fee of the industrial cluster project. Effectively implement preferential tax policies and support the accelerated development of enterprises in advantageous industrial clusters.
    3. Financial policy support. Establish a bank -enterprise cooperation mechanism. Actively use multiple channels such as credit, listing, debt issuance, fund, and financial leasing to support funds, support the construction of advantageous industrial cluster projects and enterprise life. "Actively promote the construction of SME credit and guarantee systems Guarantee service work, improve the financing environment of SMEs. Actively coordinate financial institutions and commercial banks, and actively provide credit support for industrial cluster development projects established by the state and autonomous regions. For the mobile funds required for benefits and loan repayment companies Loans should be prioritized and focusing on support. Enterprises with good credit can approve a certain credit limit and provide a variety of financial services in a timely manner. Strengthening coordination services for the listing of enterprises, promoting the cultivation, self -direction, and recommendation of key enterprises within the advantageous industrial cluster Waiting for listing.
    . Land policy support. The land departments give priority arrangements and guarantees on the development indicators of the advantageous industrial cluster, and the relevant approval procedures are given priority.
    5. Other policies Support. For advantageous industrial cluster projects, it provides convenience in the project's industrial and commercial registration procedures and customs clearance including inspection and quarantine border inspection.
    (7) Strengthen talent support and improve the ability of clusters Talent team training and human resources development. Talents are the key to high -tech industries. To grow and grow, companies must have a large number of courage and talented talents, including both management teams, technology research and development teams, and marketing teams. At the same time, there must be a skilled technician technician team. According to the planning and goals of industrial cluster development, make full use of the educational resources of our district to cultivate various types of personnel such as management, scientific research, finance, and technicians needed to adapt to the development of superior industrial clusters. Creation of the development of clusters.
    2. Build a small highland for talent industrial cluster talents. By building a small highlands of the talent industrial cluster, accelerate the work of talent introduction, cultivation, and development of the industrial cluster. The market mechanism of evaluation and incentives, creating the institutional environment that people and outstanding talents stand out. We must vigorously strengthen the training and training of basic talents, and provide rich technical and management talents for the development of superior industrial clusters.
    . Accelerate the combination of industry -university -research, encourage enterprises to cooperate with colleges and universities to jointly cultivate talents and innovate technology, and product innovation. Strengthen government guidance, closely rely on well -known universities and scientific research institutes in the district to actively take the way to combine production and research. Scientific research talents, scientific and technological achievements, and scientific research equipment of the Institute of Scientific Research, jointly related, strengthen corporate innovation and research capabilities, strengthen the transformation of scientific research results, and provide effective intellectual support for the product development and technological improvement of enterprises in the industrial cluster.
    4. Promote the construction of an industrial cluster technology innovation system that combines enterprises, market -oriented, and industry -university -research. Support the cultivation of leading enterprises to cultivate and develop technology research and development centers, support cluster enterprise technology transformation and new product industrialization, and enhance the overall innovation of industrial cluster innovation Ability. Strengthen the core technology of enterprises with the core technology of intellectual property rights, and implement brand drive Strategies, support and encourage enterprises to create well -known product brands in international, state, and autonomous regions.
    5. Establish special funds for the construction of industrial cluster technology exchange platforms. Support and encourage leading enterprises to lead, establish a joint construction cluster technical exchange platform in the cluster to avoid the waste of their own war and the interim consumption in the cluster, and form a good and healthy cluster innovation environment. Enterprises ask the key production technology developed through the technical exchange platform. After being identified by the scientific and technological department of the autonomous region, they can enjoy the autonomous region -level reward policy.
    (8) Construction of environmentally friendly and resource -saving advantageous industrial cluster
    . Vigorously develop the circular economy and establish a number of circular economy demonstration parks. According to the requirements of the national and autonomous region's industrial policies, vigorously develop the circular economy, reduce the level of material consumption and pollution emissions, and realize the recycling of resource utilization, so as to achieve reasonable and efficient resource utilization. Support and build a number of circular economic demonstration parks to reduce the harm of economic development to the environment.
    . Increase energy conservation and emission reduction work. Further increase energy conservation and emission reduction technology, promote the industrialization of energy conservation and emission reduction technology, and closely integrate scientific and technological innovation with economic and social development. Support and guide fiscal, credit funds to energy conservation and emission reduction, technological progress and other areas that are conducive to changing growth, and vigorously implement a number of energy -saving and emission reduction projects.
    3. Promote the comprehensive use of three waste in the industrial cluster. Take safety production, civilized production and environmental protection as a prerequisite for the development of cluster enterprises, and adhere to the development model of "clean production, circular economy"; rely on scientific and technological progress, adopt new technologies, new processes, and new processes, and take various effective measures to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures to use it to take various effective measures. As much as possible resource consumption and as small as possible environmental costs, realize the comprehensive utilization of "three wastes" in the industrial cluster, achieve the maximum economic output and the least waste emissions, and achieve the unity of economic, environmental and social benefits.
    (9) Improve the software and hard environment, reduce the entrepreneurial threshold
    . Construct a service system. 2. Broaden information channels. 3. Reduce entrepreneurial threshold. 4. Change the style to strengthen the construction of administrative efficiency.
    Note: Because the capacity is limited, the last part is deleted. Hope to help Jun! Intersection Intersection In addition, the most primitive information can be found on the Guangxi government website.

  2. First, accelerate the development of 100 billion yuan industries and build a "14 4" industrial system.
    Secondly, optimize the industrial layout and strengthen the construction of major industrial bases.
    third, vigorously promote the industrial circular economy and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure.
    Fourth, strengthen independent innovation, and enhance industrial scientific and technological content.
    Fifth, strengthen the construction of key industrial parks, and promote industrial agglomeration and development.
    The sixth, promote the strategic reorganization of state -owned enterprises, and develop large enterprises and large groups.

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