2 thoughts on “How to find customers in the car accessories industry”

  1. Carpet search-haha! There are many kinds of customers-first you are familiar with the quality, characteristics, and price of your products, etc. I do accessories-but the home is doing accessories to produce and sell-there is a problem in this area as you! Everyone wants customers to be better! But how can we increase the number of customers? This is a question that needs to be deeply appreciated-I have some personal suggestions here! First of all, you are still familiar with the market (including the needs of customers and what quality you can provide by customers? Can it meet their requirements (mainly price? Quality? Type?) Reduce your own purchase costs); targeted customers (can make your products have better profits); proficient sales and methods (can facilitate better communication and increase the number of customers); It can increase the amount of a single customer and the possibility of free publicity for you). For reference only! I wish you a good job!

  2. Car accessories, you can use the software looking for customers to find, search for software with the customer list of the car, and use Yunkebao and the customer -looking app. You can help you find customers. There are also many ways. When you are selling, you must master more related skills. You can take a look at the night at night.

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