4 thoughts on “How is the prospect of disinfecting the industry?”

  1. The service industry is a large sector in the future industry.
    Prives to professionals to do it, eliminating the company to provide professional insect management services, and has very good development prospects.
    But there are companies that are good for enterprises in which industry, and of course there are bad companies.

  2. The disinfecting of China is a hygienic environment after the establishment of the new China.
    In the development of the economy, due to the outbreak of SARS, the anti -killing industry has developed a great development.
    The real development into people's vision, eliminating disinfecting refers to eliminating harmful creatures, including common four harms: cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, mice, termites, insects, tapeworms, red fire ants, fleas and other common ones and other common ones. City pests.
    In the perspective of insect pests, each type of pest has a corresponding market.
    From the perspective of the industry, property, community, office buildings, industrial parks, schools, factories, hotels, hotels, catering, village committees, streets, municipalities are all markets.

  3. Service service or service, there are cockroaches to find clear disinfecting, so that your life has no cockroaches

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