1 thought on “How to take the initiative to find customers in LED lights?”

  1. 2. Actively contact the buyers who buy the LED above, send off the quotation and product information for the other party, AlibabanLED Buying Information HC.com LED Buying Informationn3. Go to some LED lamp industry websites, such as lighting, construction, advertising lights, forums, and some information;n4. You can also choose some hypermarkets (especially the original state -owned shopping malls) to push the LED energy -saving lamps;n4. Go to the large building materials market areas such as Red Star Macalline, Longfa Decoration, Jimei Home Instyle, Wanjia Light, etc., you can find the market planning of these companies. You can also find some in these markets. The merchant is your agent.nIf you can make 200 calls a day, I believe you will be able to succeed.nIf you only make a call in 1 day, then you will not have a single year.nTo dig out customers according to the target customer group of the productnThe domestic street lights are quite hot, and there are many project bidding; lighting is also a relatively large market, and you can find a lighting design company to cooperate.nFor indoor lighting, it is recommended that you do foreign markets now

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