1 thought on “How to find the group chat in WeChat and find the way to chat in WeChat”

  1. 1. First of all, we turn on the mobile phone WeChat and log in to our WeChat account.

    . In the default situation, our recent chat history is displayed. Of course, if our chat history is deleted, it will not be displayed.

    3. If there is no recent chat history, how should we find the group chat we have added? We click on the address book to enter the communication recording interface.

    4. There is a group of chat options in the communication recording interface. We click on it to see the group chat you join. The premise is that these group chats have been stored in the address book, or or or There is a chat after deleting the chat history.

    5. Those group chats that we have not appeared will wait for someone to chat next time in the group chat options, otherwise it will never appear.

    6. In order to facilitate us to find group chat, we can click on the villain avatar in the upper right corner in the group chat interface, and push the button of the "saved to the address book" option to the left in the sliding column to the left side to the left. Essence

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