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  1. Little partners in the workplace sometimes encounter such a problem: need to sort out the information of the industry in a short time. Many people will be in a hurry and do not know where to start. Even after collecting it, the quality of many data is not too high. In the case of these situations, work efficiency will be greatly discounted. Today I will teach you how to collect and organize industry information efficiently!
    . Clarify the direction of collecting data and find the keywords for searching for search.

    The people know this step, but they are not meticulous enough. Often, a few keywords that seem to be or not, start searching. This may be found, but the time it takes and the quality of the data is difficult to master. At this time, it is recommended to use a mind map to use the form of a tree diagram to expand all keywords as much as possible. If it is difficult to expand, the associative words shown by the search engine can continue to collect clues and find keywords. If Chinese cannot find more clues, you can try to translate it into English for search. No quasi will surprise you.
    The search extension based on daily clearing
    . It is necessary to be good at using search engines and learn essential search skills.
    The search engine has developed to the present, and there are many practical tips to help us search more efficiently. If you use Baidu, add Filetype: ALL before searching words. If you want to specific PDF format, enter: filetype: PDF; if you use Google, add InURL: PDF before searching. In this way, a free PDF format analysis report will be found. From these free analysis reports, you can find a lot of valuable information. There are many kinds of search skills. I will write a summary alone.
    Baidu search example
    . To ensure the high quality of the information, professional websites must be indispensable.
    Professional websites allow you to avoid the distress of finding the required information in a large amount of spam, and their information is often more focused. Each industry has professional websites or forums in each industry. Many friends have a good summary. Friends can find it, and I won't go into details. Baidu search "Where can I find the analysis and research report of various industries?", There will be surprises!
    Classification and finishing made by netizens
    . It must be paid attention to accumulation and establish and enrich the material library.
    The establishment of the material library is not a day, and it needs to be continuously expanded. I used the Evernote I used before, but it was easy to be full. Later, the task management was clear. The storage space was free. After the increasingly perfect file and document management, I transferred the information inside to it. In addition, you can usually set a "collection folder" on the computer desktop or Evernote notebook to store some documents or materials that cannot be classified temporarily. Then organize regularly to enrich the material library.

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