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  1. People are afraid that entering the wrong line is a life -threatening area that every adult is worried about. After all, choosing a bad industry will not only consume your time, but also have a great impact on your life and life; and wait until you wake up. It is very difficult to switch again. Therefore, many people want to choose a good industry before they enter the society to achieve their lifelong career.
    1 is the Internet industry, including online advertising, IT, e -commerce, etc. The country's mobile network development and policy planning support has created a good prospect for this industry. Among them, big data and artificial intelligence are very optimistic; r are very optimistic;
    The second is the new energy industry. The country has corresponding policy support every year. The development and utilization of new energy is also a key project for the development of new energy in the future. It is a national institution. As a "iron rice bowl", the benefits are good and the work is guaranteed. Therefore, it is favored by college students;
    is the education and training industry. More and more people value the power of education and knowledge. Has attracted much attention, which has also made the education and training market develop more vigorously;
    is the biotechnology industry to treat diseases, save lives, and improve life. Biotechnology is not only an industry that is urgently needed by the country, but also strict monitoring. industry. However, talents in this industry have high salaries and strength, and have contributed to the country and world life;
    Is are the cooking industry. West -point and western food are the "good hearts" of diners. With the development of my country's towns, catering has blossomed every corner. Chefs with technology and management not only have high salary, but also have more room for promotion;
    are the financial industries. After 2010, the financial industry has accelerated. Some columns and industries derived from this will continue to rise. The talents are also relatively scarce at present;
    are the new energy industry. With the establishment and upgrading of human spiritual civilization, global environmental pollution and climate change issues have been well known. Various countries also hope to vigorously develop new energy sources to reduce pollution problems. Essence Therefore, the talents of this industry are also very scarce and the future prospects are also very broad;
    is the favorite of young people who are pursuing quality. Some industry experts predict that the smart home industry in 2020 may break through 1.1 trillion, and its The market prospect is obvious;
    This is the tourism industry. The per capita living standards of my country have continued to improve, and the enthusiasm for tourism has become higher and rising. This is undoubtedly an opportunity for the domestic tourism market.
    For those who have no technology and have no education, learning cooking is undoubtedly a good choice. After all, the industry has a broad prospect. Nowadays, vocational and technical schools are not only enhanced your technology, but also can solve your academic qualifications and help you successfully create employment. The gospel of friends who have no education or technology!

  2. With the development of Internet technology, there are more and more branches in the IT industry, and job division of labor is becoming more and more delicate, such as network technology, software technology, database technology, design art, and so on. The demand for talents in these fields is huge, and the future and salary are superior. So what is good for industry prospects, software development technology is one of the best choices.

  3. At present, pharmaceuticals and computer technology are industries and fields with good development prospects. First of all, more and more demand is currently in the world, and because of the global situation, the Internet medical care is also on the world. Will develop more comprehensive and perfect

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