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  1. Summary of novice issues in the opening of the lamps

    The lighting industry has developed into a relatively high -profit industry in recent years. I often see many friends who want to do lamps, and know nothing about this industry. Phoenix King Lantern answered many novice questions. The summary of these issues is summarized as follows:

    : How much does the lamp shop invest?

    The investment in the lamp shop is not very different from selling clothes. Some invest in hundreds of yuan on the stalls, and some invest in millions in the city center. So the Phoenix King Determines suggest you. First of all, position the product type you want to run, whether it is mid -to -high -end or low -end. Product types are generally determined based on local market conditions and economic levels. Then there is scale and business direction. How big is the store, whether it is wholesale or retail, or engineering. Because this involves the amount of goods you want to. The second is store rent, decoration and taxation. There are two categories of decoration and presence to be confirmed by personal economic strength. The most important point is that the remaining part of the funds must be used for usage. It can ensure that you operate under normal circumstances.

    : How should I start?

    The lamps store, the first thing to confirm is the operating place. Where is the shop. What kind of market. The Phoenix King Determination suggests you. The best way to confirm is to squat. You can go to your favorite store, stay for three consecutive days to analyze customer traffic and store transaction rates. Special holidays. The place where it is operated is preferably in the decoration city, lamp city, building materials city, or electric materials, hardware, bathrooms, and furniture. In this way, we can better drive business.

    Secondly, the product positioning needs to be confirmed. Need to understand what style is the local architectural style? What is the level of consumption and about what style and price products are more acceptable. These need to go to the market to understand and analyze. There are wholesale or retail channels, or engineering. These depends on personal connections and capital strength.

    The last is to confirm that the decoration style is well matched with the products run, and the light position and shape showcase are placed.

    The last and most important point. Sales personnel are very important. Good sales staff can bring you huge business. Sales staff will let your store doorkekelophachromes.

    three: Is it better to join an agent or buy it yourself?

    For this way of business, Phoenix King Determination recommends you, generally depending on personal needs and strength. The advantage of joining agents is that it is simple. Most things do not need to operate themselves, but the threshold is more expensive and generally expensive. It is not recommended for novices to do it. Large brands have invested more than 100,000 hundred thousand. Small brands are cheap, but it has no effect. As for your own purchase, the advantage is that you have strong flexibility, you can freely grasp business products and strength, and have strong adjustment of market adjustment. But it is cumbersome. If you buy it, if you have a large amount of goods, you can consider going to Zhongshan Ancient Town. Because there are many styles here, and they are all directly sold by manufacturers, and the price is relatively cheap. This can be more advantageous. However, it is not recommended that retailers go to ancient town to buy, because the price is cheaper. But travel and scheduling add up. The advantage is not very obvious. However, you can go to the ancient town to see, maybe you can have some experience?

    four: What is the specific purchase? Which type of lamps to make money?

    For purchase, many people think that the lower the price, the better it is to sell. In fact, this is a very one -sided view. Of course, the price is good. But looking back, the starting point of doing business is thinking about competing with colleagues, suppressing the market, can you make money? I personally think that this will only mess up the market and cause vicious competition. In the end, everyone couldn't make money and became a situation of defeat. What should be done in terms of goods is to choose some novel styles, which is not the market and can meet the local consumption level. This can better operate. Furthermore, the biggest purpose of purchase is to sell. The best way to seller is to find the right product and find the right price for supply. This is the best situation. Generally, you can choose to go to the provincial capital to purchase in the cities and towns, so that the scheduling is more convenient, and the long -distance travel cost is saved. Such as Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Linyi, and Zhengzhou have a relatively large wholesale market, which is still very convenient. What kind of goods need to be located? There are tens of thousands of lamps, and hundreds of varieties can be selected. If there are friends who are connected to the project, there are indoor engineering lights, outdoor engineering lights, gold halogen lamps, LEDs, non -pole lamps, etc. Friends who make retail can choose sheepskin lamps, acrylics, crystal crystals Lights, modern lights. Among them, there are also wall lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lights, and floor lamps. Wait for a variety of uses. Extraordinary. Therefore, in terms of purchase, apply an advertising word. Try to choose your own business. The local market can accept.

    5: Do you make money for lamps? How much can I earn a year?

    It often see a friend asking like this, do you make money for lamps? How much can I earn a year after doing it? To be honest, it is not that I go to crack down on my friends' enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. You can only say that friends who are asking such questions are not a mature businessman. There is no 100 % profit -making business, nor a 100 % losing money industry. The question is how you operate. Lighting business profits are still considerable. If you make money with your heart. Of course, the same is true of any industry. Let's say that the real estate in the past two years is good enough? There are still people who will lose money. We can only continue to strengthen our business experience. Business vision and sales skills to improve transactions. The most basic quality of doing business is to do the best imagination, so you have the motivation to act. Do the worst plan, so that even if the business is worse, you can do it well.

    It's failure to improve the rest of the details. Welcome everyone to add exchange.

    1. Funds. Generally speaking, two or three cities need about 50,000 to more than 50,000 or more. In large cities, there are more large cities, and small cities need less. This is related to rent, hydropower, labor, etc. and local price levels, which cannot be generalized. However, except for rents and decoration costs, cash on hand should not be less than 50,000 yuan.
    2. Selection. Unless you have a lot of financial resources and a large retail area, the address should be selected around the existing building materials market, or there are luminated retail locations around. If those good places are difficult to rent, it is also a good choice to open the road to buying building materials!
    3. Sales positioning. That is, what kind of consumer groups in the store in the future. There is no high, middle and low -grade positioning, or vaguely, which will inevitably affect future sales. Therefore, sales positioning must be practical and meet the local consumption level. If the positioning is higher than the local average, it may cause the tune and widow, and the situation in front of the door.
    4. Early brand. A good retail store must have one or two brands to attract early consumers. Good brands can not only drive the sales of other products, but also increase popularity. If you want to worry more, you can also choose to be a specialty store for a manufacturer.
    5. Decoration. Note: (1) The height of the ceiling should not be less than 2.8 meters; (2) the decoration of the store should not be too bright, and do not have too much natural light; (3) the installation position of the lamps on the ceiling and wall should be fully considered. The wall width should not be less than 0.5 meters, and the ceiling grid should not be less than 0.8 square meters. If possible, 4-6 blocks of 1 square meter size should be reserved in a prominent position; (4) The decoration color should be the main color. It is advisable to not exceed 2. Too many colors and too complicated, it will play a negative effect of the noise; (5) the layout of the store should be reasonable, and it should be based on the product with a large headlight or large sales volume. Place some small lights with corners and columns.
    6. Supply. Generally speaking, small shops should be purchased by nearby wholesale markets. Other products can be adjusted or distributed other products. Although the profit is thinner, it will not cause too much product backlog due to vision and experience. Essence
    7. Product style, quantity and variety. Do not have too much style. There are no more than 3 types of products for each product. It is advisable to strictly control cash flow! When purchasing, consider the relationship between products and positioning, price and market, color and store style, do not cause backlogs.
    8. Essentials before opening: 2 meters of high -character ladder; one shock drilling; one size screwdriver, one hand claw, a little hammer, insulating tape, self -attack, self -attack, self -attack, self -attack, self -attack Some screws. In addition to the tools of hygiene, you should also buy some clean soft cloths to wipe the lamps; account books and pens for customers to rest.
    10. Preparations before opening: (1) Do more publicity and try to expand the influence; (2) Considering some special products to make consumers; (3) go through all aspects of procedures, such as industry and commerce, such as industry and commerce The tax license avoids unnecessary troubles; (4) decorative stores, keep hygiene and neat; (5) prepare for after -sales service in advance.

    This is what I have studied. Share with you, I also want to turn on the lighting shop and slowly explore!

  2. There is no near Hebei. Generally, the lighting is purchased in Zhejiang and Guangzhou. It takes about 500,000 funds, because the lighting of lighting occupies a large amount of funds, as well as rent and store decoration. The manufacturer

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