How is the development of the pharmaceutical industry in my country? What are the breakthroughs in advanced technology?

How is the development of the pharmaceutical industry in my country? What are the breakthroughs in the field of advanced technology?

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  1. Related companies in vitro diagnostic industry: Huada Gene (300676), Novzan (699105), Wanfu Biological (300482), etc.
    The core data of this article: New crown self -testing product approval, new crown self -test product parameters, new crowns, new crowns, new crowns, new crowns Self -testing product sensitivity, the principle of testing the new crown self -test product, the global new crown self -testing industry market size forecast, China's new crown self -test industry market space capacity calculation, China -Hong Kong new crown anti -original self -test product price comparison
    policy blessing, 11 new crowns The antigen self -testing product was approved
    March 10, 2022, the comprehensive group of the epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism printed and issued the "New Crown Virus Antigen Detection Application Scheme (Trial)", which increases the antigen detection based on the original nucleic acid detection. As a supplement, it clearly refers to the conditions, test results disposal and detection reagents for the applicable people and different applicable people. One of them is worth noting, that is, community residents' antigen detection, and the test results of different community residents have different treatment methods.
    The total number of new self -measurement boxes approved by the UK
    In about 2 years after the epidemic, the number of new self -test boxes of more than 30 new crowns in the United Kingdom and Australia, approved by Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong, China approved About 10-20 self-measurement boxes. On the fourth day of China's open new crown self -measurement box, China has approved the listing of 11 new crown self -test boxes.
    The new Chinese crown self -testing products are earlier and the technology is more advanced
    In the test of the universal 7 antigen self -test boxes on the world in Geneva, Switzerland, respectively. Abbott, Roche, Premier, Wanfu, Tigkoxin and Jian Naixi; 4 of them are made of Chinese enterprises, namely Aikang Biology, Wanfu Biology, Tigkoxin and Jian Naixi.
    It's sensitivity of Omikon, the sensitivity of the four is higher than that of Abbott, Roche and Premier; from the sensitivity of Delta, Roche and Premier's sensitivity is less than 4 Chinese companies, and Abbotts Slightly higher than Tigko and Jian Naixi. Aikang Bio has the highest sensitivity among the world's most popular strains in the world: Omikon and Delta are the highest, 88.9%and 91.2%, respectively.
    The principle of the detection principle of China's new crown anti -original self -testing product
    As of March 14, 2022, the detection principles of seven major products in the world are collagen gold method and immune layer method. China’s The 11 new crown -resistant original self -test products are mainly colloidal gold, immune layer analysis, and latex method. Another one is the chemical glowing method of magnetic particles. The testing principle is more diverse.
    2027 The new crown antigen self -testing market space for the middle of the country exceeded 2 trillion yuan
    I assuming that everyone in China needs new crown anti -original self -test products, comprehensive consideration of factors such as population growth, price, and use interval calculate the new crown antigen. Testing market space capacity. By 2027, China's new crown antigen self -test market capacity may approach 2.1 trillion yuan.
    The new crown antigen self -measurement box has a certain impact on the global market
    -technology level of China's new crown antigen self -measurement box drives global technical level
    From the perspective of the product and technical level of the box, it shows that the company's earlier deployment of overseas regions has occupied a relatively advantageous global market position. It is also relatively leading in the technical technology of the new crown self -testing products. Under the situation where market competition is becoming more intense, China Leading technology levels will promote the progress of global technology.
    -For the limited market impact
    China has recently opened a home self -testing box for home self -testing of the people. However, at the same time, after the current price of mainland China and the price comparison of China Hong Kong's self -test box sales, it is still found that the starting price of mainland China is already cheaper than the price of Hong Kong, China. The price of the detection box, the price of China's detection box may be stable at this level/slightly reduced.
    I assume that the policies of other countries' self -testing products for home self -testing of home self -testing are unchanged. According to the proportion of population in China and the global population, the growth rate of population (according to the "Strategic Research Report of the National Population Development"), the price of the Chinese and foreign detection boxes And the 6.7%annual compound growth rate disclosed by GrandView Research can be calculated. It can be known that even if the Chinese market is open, the annual compound growth rate has not changed much.
    2021 The antigen self -test market will exceed $ 15 million; by 2027, its market size will be opened by the Chinese market to expand more than $ 22 million.
    Coustically calculated based on the market size calculated, the market share of global home self -testing industry should be small.
    Where is the development of the Chinese and foreign new crown self -testing industry?
    The global and China has a slightly different development form, and the development trend of global and China is also different. From a technical point of view, China is slightly better internationally, so the development of technology will be more forward -driven with the development of products. Because of China's lack of sales experience, in terms of sales channels, the world may first reach an intelligent sales.
    Hway on the influence of the global market?
    In the analysis of the current global and China technology, products, and layout, the impact of China's new crown self -test industry has limited impact on the global new crown self -test market, but but In terms of technical perspective, Chinese technology will promote global technological growth.
    Note: The market size is different from the market space capacity, the market size is the actual consumption amount, and the space capacity is the maximum amount within a reasonable preset range.
    It data refer to the "China In vitro Diagnosis (IVD) Instrument Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report"

  2. The main listed companies in the biomedical industry: At present, listed companies in the domestic biomedical industry include Tiantan Biological (600161), Hualan Biological (002007), Zhifei Bio (300122), Kangtai Biological (300601), Watson Biological (300142), Shanghai Rice (002252) and so on. Core data in this article: R

  3. The main listed companies in the biomedical industry: At present, listed companies in the domestic biomedical industry include Tiantan Biological (600161), Hualan Biological (002007), Zhifei Bio (300122), Kangtai Biological (300601), Watson Biological (300142), Shanghai Rice (002252) and so on. Core data in this article: R

  4. The new blueprint of the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Wuhou District? The star business community has actively explored the development of a new model of the development model. my country ’s health industry has been in the ascendant. Especially in recent years, my country's pharmaceutical and health industry has rejuvenated with the help of the times. Against the background of the development of the national medical and health industry, Dahecang · Star Business actively explores a new model and direction of building services to help the development of Chengdu's pharmaceutical health and health undertakings! At present, the development of the pharmaceutical health industry in the new period is currently changing the economic development model of my country-from relying on exports to relying on consumption. In the process of my country's economic transformation, the health industry has become an important starting point. According to the forecast of my country's authoritative agencies, my country's big health industry will reach 8 trillion by 2020, which will form a huge consumer market. my country's medical industry is beginning to change from disease -centered to health. In the past, the medical and health industry only changed the consumption model of diagnosis, medical care, and rehabilitation. At present, more consumers in my country have begun to spend money on great health, and consumers are more willing to invest in health, health, beauty, and anti -aging. Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu's Southwest Pharmaceutical Healthy Development Center in large areas. As a distribution center for people's flow, logistics, capital flow, and information flow in western my country. It is an international investment hot spot in international investment after Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

  5. According to the latest data, the global epidemic has a limited impact on the production capacity and market environment of the big health industry. With the rise of the stability of the domestic epidemic situation, the further improvement of national health awareness will promote the development of the big health industry, including medicine, including medicine industry. It is better to understand the field of advanced technology. It is better to summarize in one or two sentences. At present, the most famous in the industry should be the medical raw material health product exhibition in western China. The industry is the core industry chain exhibition. At the same time, there will be industry experts to interpret the industry trend. From July 20th to 22nd, 2022, it will be held in Xi'an, China.

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