1 thought on “What do you do for the precise positioning of the customer group?”

  1. Answer: How to answer these questions about marketing?
    (1) How to tap potential customer resources?
    (2) How to stabilize customer relationships and develop new customers?
    (3) How to improve sales performance?
    (4) How to promote the product market?
    Make in marketing to solve these problems as follows?
    (1) As a customer resources, it can further tap the advantages of customer potential in order to integrate marketing resources, plan marketing goals, optimize marketing resources reasonably, in depth market opportunities, to create market potential in order to create market potential In order to favorable opportunities, to further deepen customer trust and cooperation. rn(2)、作为客户关系,以产品与客户之间建立信任的关系,以提升品质服务的保障,以提高产品的优质服务,以销售的原则为:“对客户立信于人, And do the letter to the heart, what is interested in customers is the heart of the other party. "
    (3), as a sales performance, centered on the sales team, to cultivate the cohesion and appeal of the sales team, to enhance the team's sense of collective honor and mission, to strengthen the echelon construction of sales talents, and in common in common Under the guidance of collaboration and joint efforts, we will make unremitting efforts to create the best sales performance.
    (4) As marketing, to further strengthen the promotion of market public relations, in order to optimize and upgrade the platform of high -end products, use the product information platform to do a good job of product terminal services, to promote listing platforms to do a good job of doing a good job Customers' feedback and feedback work is promised to jointly realize the market value of customers.
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