3 thoughts on “Please analyze what are the disadvantages if you do your pet training?”

  1. Analysis of the disadvantage of pet training at the entrepreneurial momentum

    1. The domestic pet industry starts late, fast, and large scale, but there is still a large gap compared to the foreign pet industry. In terms of pet food, many companies are in the transitional transition period of workshops to factories, and basic research is weak.
    2. The cooperation between enterprises and universities and scientific research units has decreased, facing backward status such as process, technology backward, quality control nodes management, etc., so that domestic products are only placed on pet food palatability, shape structure and packaging, and they are truly truly really The core process and nutritional balance of pet food processing are difficult to grasp, and eventually the overall competitiveness of existing products is not strong.
    3, the lack of standards. As people pay more and more attention to the problems of pet health, pet welfare, etc., they also put forward higher requirements for the processing of pet food. The pet industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the relevant industry standards for pet food production are very lacking, and the quality of various manufacturers has uneven quality.
    The pet market analysis
    The home ratio of pets in China is lower than that of the United States, Western Europe and other countries and regions, and the national ratio is only 1.7%. Although the proportion of pet families in large and medium -sized cities is relatively high, the proportion of second- and third -tier cities is still very low. In the next few years, the lifestyle of pets will gradually popularize from large and medium cities to other cities.
    In data and market environment, the development of the pet market increased with the improvement of residents' living standards. From the perspective of the increase in disposable income of residents in my country, the disposable income of urban residents in my country increased from 26,955 yuan in 2013 By 36,396 yuan in 2017, an increase of 35.03%. The growth rate of my country's pet market size has also maintained a growth rate of more than 35%in recent years.

  2. Analyze that if you do a pet training,
    The disadvantage is best to seek truth from facts,
    , for example, your education needs to be improved,
    or less experience in pet entrepreneurship.

  3. This question is good. First, is it professional enough? Second, how big is the customer's group? Third, how fierce competition is.

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