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  1. The weekend is here again, and the sun is just as gentle, and many friends will take this opportunity to wave. If you travel by yourself, you can also take your own dog to see the outside world. Take a dog by car, not just like the movie plot, open the window to let it breathe freely. So what do you need to prepare and pay attention to taking a dog by car?
    The preparations for dogs before the car. Some dogs do not have enough experience in the car, and they will feel fear and anxiety because of this. So before taking them to travel, you need to get familiar with the environment of the car. First of all, you can get the dogs that are familiar with the closed space in the car under the static state of the car. When the dog gradually accepts the environment in the car, you can try to drive and gradually transition from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. By the way, whether the dog will motion sickness or anxiety. After everything is ready, you can take a dog to play!
    of course, before departure, you also need to prepare some items for dogs. Especially for long -distance travel, it is almost impossible to stay quietly in the car for a few hours. Therefore, it is necessary to create a safe and comfortable ride environment for dogs to reduce their pressure.

    1. Dogs' favorite toys
    In order to alleviate the anxiety and nervousness of the dog are not used to taking the car, the owner can prepare some toys or snacks it likes to disperse its uneasiness. In addition, you can also prepare a dog's own smell and towel, which can also make it feel at ease.
    2. Dogs dedicated seat belt

    In order to ensure the safety of the dog during driving, the owner can prepare a pet special seat belt for the dog. If it is a small dog, the owner can consider choosing to use a car cage and fix it in a certain position in the back row. One is to ensure the safety of the dog, and the other is to prevent the dog from driving.
    3. Other supplies

    The owner remember to bring a traction rope and use it when you take a ride or reach the destination. In addition, you can prepare a drinking water bottle for the dog, preferably with a cup, which is also convenient when the dog drinks water. If you travel long distances, it is best to pack its rations for dogs to facilitate regular feeding. In addition, the treatment bag of dog feces is also necessary.
    Stime precautions when the dog rides 1. In advance
    Is when the dog feels anxious, it does not know how to express it. If it can't hold it, the picture is too beautiful, so it will not be described. Therefore, in order not to happen the above situation, the shoveling officer can let the dogs clean up the row in advance before departure.
    2. Fixed in the rear position

    This to let the dog sit on the driver's leg or front row seat, which is very dangerous. Because the dog does not realize that the owner is driving a car, it may constantly invade the owner to drive. In order to ensure driving safety, the dog should be placed in the back seat. It should also be paid to tie the seat belt to avoid suddenly starting and emergency braking, causing dogs to be injured.
    3. Take a break

    In long -term car, we humans will feel uncomfortable, let alone dogs. So every 1-2 hours, stop and rest, so that the dog has time to urinate. The shoveling officer should not think of leaving the dog alone in the car. This is very dangerous! In addition, the dog should fast for the two hours before the ride, so as not to cause discomfort due to bumps on the way.
    4. Keep a suitable temperature in the car

    During the driving process, do not open the window. Because high -speed airflow and dust during driving are easy to cause dogs to cause discomfort. If the dog is playful, it will be even more dangerous to stretch your head out of the window, and even jump out. The window closing the window for a long time will also be very boring, so the owner needs to keep the car in about 20 ° C. In addition, do not put the dogs in direct sunlight, or too close to the air -conditioning equipment.
    The solution to dog motion sickness, don't think that only humans will motion sickness, in fact, dogs will also motion sickness. Generally speaking, the probability of motion sickness in puppies is much greater than adult dogs. Mainly because their internal organs that control the balanced ears are not mature, and they are more likely to cause the dog's sense of dizziness. If the dog can motion sick, the shoveling officer can relieve some measures.
    1. If you set off as soon as you eat, it is easy to get rid of motion sickness and vomiting when you take a car. Therefore, try to dine two or three hours before departure, and don't eat too much.

    2. If a dog is motion sick, it is best to rest every 1 to 2 hours, so that the dog rests to breathe. You can also defecate during this period. In addition, drinking a lot of water in one breath can also cause physical discomfort. Therefore, it is best to feed the dogs frequently.
    3. For dogs with a sensitive sense of smell, the unique smell of the aromas, gasoline, or air -conditioning outlets of the car is unique. This can also cause dog discomfort. Therefore, it is best to use less air aromatherapy and pay attention to air circulation in the car.
    4. The shaking of the car will cause dog motion sickness. Therefore, the dog's body needs to be fixed on the seat to minimize the degree of shaking.
    5. Consult the doctor and prescribe some pets for pets.

  2. Self -driving travel is not suitable for dogs, because dogs are different from humans, it can't bear loneliness. It will stay in such a small space for a long time, and it will scream, which will affect the driver's normal driving.

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  4. Self -driving travel can bring dogs because it is convenient to drive by yourself. It will be a bit troublesome, because dogs need to go to the toilet, and some scenic spots do not allow dogs to enter.

  5. Of course, you can bring dogs by self -driving, but while bringing dogs, it may bring some inconveniences, such as staying out of accommodation or entering some scenic restaurants?

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