The cats raised at home, dogs can not be raised. What is the reason?

I have died several times, and I have died. If I was suddenly sick one day, I did n’t eat, and I died in the end. I was killed by a car.

5 thoughts on “The cats raised at home, dogs can not be raised. What is the reason?”

  1. Raise cats and buy a small nest. You can usually raise it at home. If you can jump out, it is best not to let it go to the balcony because the cat is curious. Prepare cat litter pots and cat litter. It knows that it will pee in the poop and will be covered. The cat does not have a body odor and does not need to take a bath frequently. If it likes you, it will often get close to you. Remember to raise a cat for a sterilization. Male cat sterilization is simpler than female cats.
    This dogs, urinate when you take it out every day. If you have more time, you can consider it. Most dogs have body odor and often take a bath. If the economic situation is better, you can raise a large dog. Take a bath and ask others to work. Small dogs are more noisy, Bomei, VIPs, Chihuahua.
    It whether cats and dogs are raised, it is best to eat cat or dog food. It is best to buy imports. The food safety of domestic people is not guaranteed. What kind of quality of pet food is not needed. Scientific feeding, I ca n’t spend much money a month, 2 cats in my family. You can get it at home at home for a bath or something about 100 (cat sand and cat food).
    In finally, it is recommended to adopt LZ and adopt instead of buying and selling.

  2. Stupid! Cats and dogs have to go to the pet hospital; if you live on the roadside, you have to hold the cat and dog. By the way: the dog chain can be tied around the dog's neck. escape.

  3. It is best not to raise cats and dogs on the side of the road. During the New Year, the cat and dog taste is good to prevent it from looking for food or simply tie them to the house with a chain, especially the New Year dogs are usually poisoned. Cats are usually stolen. of.

  4. If you raise a bit, the small one will not be able to toss to death. When his animals are treated as an adult, of course, you are killed by you.

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