5 thoughts on “If I have a pet cat, will our mice be so rampant?”

  1. To be honest, the hunting skills of pet cats have been gradually lost, but cats still have the natural instinct of hunting in their early years. Therefore, if you want cats to catch mice, you need to give the cat the following aspects:
    First of all, let the cat's attractiveness to raw meat and bloody taste
    and then let the cat try to have in their early years. In the environment of the mouse, try to use the ball mouse to tease the cat, let the cat practice the mouse
    when the cat is caught by the mouse, stick fresh meat or blood on the mouse, stimulate the cat's appetite
    to feed cats with fresh meat, so that the cat has a preference for meat, restores the cat's sense of smell of blood, and eventually achieves the ability to catch mice.

  2. The current pet cats are really not very good at catching mice. If there are many mice in your house, maybe pet cats can be a master of mouse catching, but it takes some time to control the mice.

  3. Mouse accidents should be eliminated from the root. Organize the items in the room, keep the room clean, find the nest of mice, and avoid them from breeding. The food in the home is preserved to avoid exposure.

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