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  1. Is it good for cats at home
    The cats at home are good for luck. In life, everyone should pay much attention to folk Feng Shui theory, because Feng Shui has always had a great impact on our lives and fortunes. And we will pay special attention to the feng shui of cats. So, is the cat at home?
    Is raising cats at home, is it good for luck? 1. Cat wearing a mascot with wealth
    It if there are cats at home, many people will bring the cats to the cats, or some accessories to identify it in order to identify Essence If you bring some jewelry to the cat and wear the corresponding accessories according to your numerology, you can not only get along with the cat better, but also bring wealth to yourself, which is conducive to career development.
    2. Cat houses should clean and sanitary
    The people to raise cats will prepare a cottage for cats, or make a simple nest, which is convenient for cats to eat and convenient. , Often bathing cats, keeping the cat cleaning, can bring good fortune to themselves, not only can recruit wealth, but also the fortune of interpersonal.
    3. Cat sand placing the sanitaryium
    cat litter can absorb dirty gas and take away the mold at home, but cat sand cannot be placed at home's financial position, or door, balcony and other ventilation gas gathers. The place should be placed in places with a heavy dirty atmosphere such as bathrooms. It can take away the mildew of the home, which is conducive to resolving various disasters, and also bring wealth and peach blossoms.
    The cats at home need to know some Feng Shui knowledge. If you raise well, you can bring good luck to yourself and your family, wealth and integrity, and be interpersonal. You must also pay attention to some taboos to avoid unlucky.
    The cats are ghosts or evil spirits
    In in China, black cats are wicked; in Egypt, black cats are evil.
    Ancient books are recorded: Xuan Cat, Evil Evil. Easy to place in the south. Children and grandchildren are easy. Avoid it .... The mysterious cat here refers to the black cat.
    Black cats are legendary evil cats. It comes from the legend of Poknos in ancient Egypt. Its role in ancient Egypt is to let people with resentment worship and support them, and wish him a wish at a certain time. The more malicious content, the easier it is to achieve, but at the same time, cats are a very mysterious creature. Each answer to a wish will receive a certain amount of remuneration. As for the content of the remuneration, it is unknown.

    The black cat in traditional Chinese culture
    In traditional culture in China, black cats mean auspicious.
    The people in ancient times believe that black cats can dispel evil spirits, so that the monsters and monsters dare not approach, and they can also bring auspiciousness to the host. Therefore, in ancient times, wealthy people had the habit of raising black cats or placing black cat jewelry. For example: hang a black cat with a black cat at the door. Some wealthy people, to make cats with gold as decoration, must be painted with paint into black.
    During the Qing Dynasty, black cats were considered ominous.
    black cats are evil. Black cats generally actively suppress the unclean stuff, so there are always black cats that appear in places with heavy evil spirits, because such people will mistakenly think that encountering black cats is a big fierce. In fact, only black cats at home can play a great role in wicked evil.
    "Xuan Cat, which is easy to dispel evil spirits, is easy to place south. It is suitable for descendants." Xuan Cat is a black cat, which is used by evil spirits. Later generations probably only from the surface phenomenon. Some doom occurs, and the blue and red soap will push all the crimes on the head of the black cat. Easy to place south said that it was raised at the door*, and the ancients opened the door to the south. All descendants should say that they will always use it all the time to protect the owner and even offspring of the house or even the descendants of this black cat. "
    What Feng Shui said at home
    The people who are cold or born in the golden peak season are suitable for cats
    The cats must be frozen characters. Generally speaking, Born in Chenyue, that is, from April 4th to May 4th, or in the season of Jinwang, that is, from August 8th to October 7th, or November 8th to February 3rd, it is suitable for Jiazhong Raise cats. If you can't raise a cat, you can place embroidered cat painting, or put a doll around you. People, because they were born in Yinyue, are not suitable for goodbye to Yin. In other words, people born in Cat Moon should not raise cats, otherwise they will cause it. Until August 7, and those born from October 8th to November 7th, they are not suitable for cats. The word "Yin", because the cat and the tiger are the same as the same subject, so it is necessary to calculate the position of the proper cat. In these orientation, in general, the cats raised are particularly strong and healthy.
    The relationship between the color of the kitten sleeping ground and Feng Shui
    This to sleep on the floor of the cat, you can choose black and blue , Blue or green, because the five elements of the cat belong to wood, black and blue ground felts are water, and water can be raw wood, so the cats grow. The blue and green ground felt is wood. It is beneficial to the growth of cats.
    This cats at home are good for luck. The cats are raised at home. It was death. Some people raised a lot of cats and could not raise it in the end, but some people raised cats were very long -lived, and they were developed by rich cats. .
    What luck will cats bring
    The wealth
    cats can play a certain role in the fortune of the family. He bite the items in the home is considered a sign of poor fortune. The mouse is very sensitive and good at hiding, and it is free to do at home. It symbolizes the wealth of financial instability and it is difficult to accumulate for wealth. In the face of this situation, the best way is to be the best way to come. Pet cats, cats are natural enemies of mice, and can calm the mice on the gas field.
    Cats are a very special animal. It is not as loyal to the owner as a dog. It is well raised, and it only feels that it should be. Because the cat itself belongs to the dominant status, and it is rarely willing to surrender. In terms of fighting evil things, the role of dogs is mainly struggle. Strong.

    . Cats are better than dog skills. Cats are dominated by Yin Spirit and can drive most Yin Ling and evil objects. If your family can raise a cat that has always been tamed by you and let the cat's heart willing to serve you, your home can really be said to be poisonous. Of course, it is not easy to make cats be appreciated to you.
    The taboo of raising cat feng shui
    has the effect of turning evil
    The benefits of raising cats. In Chinese folk culture, cats believe that cats have nine lives. Can turn danger. Therefore, it is also regarded as auspicious pet of Huasha. Cats in the home can play a certain deterrent effect, which can prevent evil spirits, protect the house, and help peace.
    does not raise black cats
    In general, cats can choose white, orange and gray. It is best not to raise black cats. In folk feng shui, especially the eyes of black cats look even more bright, so black cats are generally raised in the business of business or special houses to block the shame. However, nourishing black cats in ordinary families can easily look uncoordinated, easily increase the yin at home, and bring bad luck to the home.
    Make a cat at home, do you luck? What luck will the cat brings
    Cats are a common home pet. Not only is breeding simple, but also the feng shui of the home. There is a certain impact. According to the folk, raising cats can promote feng shui, especially when there is a sign of defeat in the family, cats can play a role in eliminating evil spirits. In addition, in the tradition, black cats have the role of dispel evil spirits and defend their homes.
    The cat owner to make a fortune, cats can dispel evil spirits and achieve the role of fortune. If there are cats in the family, many people will bring the cats, or some accessories to identify in order to facilitate marking. If you bring some jewelry to the cat and wear the corresponding accessories according to your numerology, you can not only get along with the cat better, but also bring wealth to yourself, which is conducive to career development.
    The new stores are open to the front desk to place wealth cats. The wealth cats are golden and white. Generally, they buy golden yellow. The money is golden. It is very cute, and it is still a smiley face. The wealth cat is indeed a fortune in feng shui, but it is not necessary to pay attention to the wealth of wealth. This is not casual.
    The precautions for feng shui raised cats at home. The houses facing the houses in the south, northeast, and northwest are more suitable for cats. In terms of the eight characters of cats, people who are born in the cold season will be more suitable for cats. Only cats and owners are healthy and strong can they bring smooth fortunes to their homes. Good thing.

    The feng shui precautions for raising cats at home. Do not raise black cats
    In general, cats can choose white, orange and gray. It is best not to raise black cats. In folk feng shui, cat's eyes are psychic, especially the eyes of black cats will look even more bright, so black cats generally raise in business shops or special houses for special houses to block the shame Essence However, nourishing black cats in ordinary families can easily look uncoordinated, easily increase the yin at home, and bring bad luck to the home.
    The feng shui precautions for cats in the house 3. Use of
    The cat nests, cat litter, cat climbing racks and other items at home. Put the cat litter at the door or next to the door, so that in terms of Feng Shui, the God of Wealth will not dare to enter the house. The cat's bowl of eating and drinking water, in terms of feng shui, there is actually no special statement, but it must be placed in a fixed position, and it should be cleaned and kept regularly, otherwise it will hinder the fortune in the family.

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