1 thought on “Is chicken frozen and dry for cats?”

  1. Cats' frozen dried is good for cats or chicken. The protein contained in the cat is relatively high. Choose fish or chicken mainly depends on cats. Cats often eat frozen dryness. If the cat owner does not know the frozen drying, then let ’s take a good understanding of the frozen dried.

    1. Cat frozen dried is pure meat

    The meat in the frozen dried cat is pure meat, such as salmon pieces, chicken breasts, chicken liver pieces, etc. When you eat it, you will not refuse such deliciousness. The frozen dried meat contains real meat. For other snacks of the cat, the cat owner can rest assured to feed the cat. Because it is pure meat, the cat is rich in protein, and the cat can supplement the protein when eating, so that the cat will grow the meat.

    2 · Cat freeze -drying does not contain preservatives

    The cat frozen dried is not added in the production process. Need to worry too much. Cat frozen drying needs to be frozen rapidly at minus 36 degrees Celsius, and then dry and vacuum, but it will still retain the deliciousness and nutrition in the meat. In this way, the cat owner does not need to worry about nutrition and nutrition when feeding cat frozen dried cats. Not up. Although the cat frozen and dry did not add preservatives, the shelf life is still relatively long, so the cat owner does not have to worry.

    3 • Cat freezing and dried method has different feeding methods

    This is more method when the cat freezes and dried. The time is crispy and can be used for grinding teeth; cat owners can also mix the cat frozen and dry in cat food, and then feed the cat together. Frozen and dry.

    The cat owner can also grind the meow frozen into powder and then use it as a complementary food to feed the cat. The frozen -dried fragrance after grinding into powder is fragrant. The cat has no way to refuse. Sometimes cats do not like cat food, the cat owner can take out the frozen drying and mix the cat as auxiliary food in cat food, so that the cat will eat cat food and freeze, and the cat owner will not worry about the cat. I don't like to eat cat food nutrition.

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