5 thoughts on “What is a sign of the stray cat entered the house?”

  1. The stray cat entered the house and gave birth to a nest, indicating that it was unlucky.
    The stray cat symbolizes the disaster.
    The stray cat entered the house and gave birth to a nest, indicating that the stray cat brought a lot of new disasters.
    If you want to be fierce, you must destroy all cats.
    In eliminating kittens means eliminating small disasters.
    The eliminating cats means to eliminate the big disaster.

  2. There is no sign. It can only show that your family has forgotten to close the door, and the house is relatively warm, so that the female cat feels safe, and then the kitten will be born in your house. If you want to raise, take good care of them. If you don't want to raise, find someone else to adopt it.
    I did not agree with the answer of the previous person. First of all, cats are also life. It does not hurt you, or infringe on your interests, and just kill them, especially the newborn kitten. It's not that sin is too deep. In addition, some people say that cats are wealthy, and they are spiritual. The female cat gives the kitten in your house to explain that it trusts you, but you kill the cubs, live up to it, and commit killing. It's not good

  3. It shows that your family is safe and no danger, so stray cats choose to have a kitten at home, treat it well ~ Good people must have a good news ~^_^

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