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  1. Nowadays, green travel is advocated, and less private cars are driving, and bus and subway are one of the ways of green travel. So, can cats bring bus or subway? Below, let's take a look at the introduction provided by this site, hoping to help everyone.
    can the bus get on the bus by bus, but you have to put the cat in the cat bag, and then prepare two cat strips if it is convenient, because it may be called in the car, which affects it, affecting it, which affects it, which affects it, which affects it, which affects it. Others, but if you feed it, you will be quiet, and then try to sit in the back row. The front bus driver or the ticket seller will say that when you hear the cat, you may say that you will be quiet in the back row. a little.
    It should be noticed not to affect others. If necessary, soothe his emotions, prepare some food, and touch his back neck to the back. Generally, kittens are afraid to run around. This is a violation of regulations (although I feel that the violations are not good, but it should not affect others) to avoid the peak of commuting at the same time.
    can you take a cat backpack? Is it usually impossible to take the subway. Because the work system of each subway is different, some subways can bring cats into the inside, while there are no places. It is recommended to call the local subway customer service center for consultation. However, most of them are not allowed to enter the subway, and many subways are not even allowed to enter.
    can you use a backpack to take a cat out of the house. Compared with the dog, the cats do not like to walk so much, so do not keep the cat walking when taking the cat out. Carry the cat's space cabin with you. It is convenient to carry a cat. If the cat doesn't want to walk, you can let it walk in and rest for a while. If you go out with such a backpack, there is a cute in it, and the return rate must be very high!

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