4 thoughts on “When raising a variety of pets, how do we make cats live peacefully with other pets?”

  1. If you want cats to get along peacefully with other animals, you need to adapt to the taste of each other. It is best to separate the two animals from breeding first. The cat's sense of smell is particularly sensitive, which can smell the smell of this small animal from a distance. At the beginning, it was relatively excited. It may jump and down in the room, and it will slowly adapt to it without being so stress. After half a month, someone can arrange the two to meet. At this time, the owner should guard the side of the two small animals. If the two have a fight, they can be separated immediately, and they cannot continue to meet. These two small animals smelled the smell of each other, and then they did their own things, indicating that the two people would get along well, and the owner did not need to pay too much attention.
    The cat's territory consciousness is actually relatively strong, and you will urinate in the house, so that you can leave your own smell, so that other animals can know that this family is owner. When choosing another small animal, the owner can make the new pet's body is about the same as that of a cat, such as raising a large raccoon cat, and then a small teddy. The hair of the raccoon cat can be longer, so that it will be particularly fluffy, and it seems that the body shape is even longer. In this way, the two sides are almost big, and they will not be afraid of each other, and they can naturally get along well.
    The attitude towards the other small animals raised by the owner is more friendly. It may pinch his teeth when the owner cannot see it, but it will not really bully the small animals. Because Jin Mao knows that this small animal is raised by the owner, it will be better for this animal. The owner can raise a large raccoon cat first, and then buy a golden retriever cub, so that the two parties get along in one place. Because the cat's attitude towards the cub is better, the tolerance is very high, which can tolerate some small shortcomings of the cubs. After getting along for a long time, even if the golden retriever grows up, it will still be afraid of cats, and cats will be better for golden retriever.
    If the cat's exclusion of other animals is relatively high, the owner can raise a cat, and don't raise other small pets.

  2. At the beginning, the owner should hold the cat, let the cats and dogs contact little by little, let them get close, adapt to each other, and let them understand their temper. After a period of contact, cats and dogs will get along peacefully.

  3. The sense of atmosphere of peaceful coexistence should be established. Through the cultivation of habit, there are also special training for training to understand the peaceful relationship between pets.

  4. The environment of peaceful coexistence should be established, through daily training, and daily contact for training to understand the way to get along with this aspect.

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