2 thoughts on “Excuse me, the specific location of Xi'an Qiaoqiao Dog City, thank you.”

  1. The specific location of Xi'an Laqiao Dog City is the current Pet Pet Market.
    The bus lines passed by this place are: education line, 8, 37, 102, 227, 300, 313, 526, 708, 714, 717, all can be on the Get off at the north exit of Park South Road.
    The pet market through the second road is currently only selling dogs and cats on Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to go here, you can check the route in advance.
    Extension information:
    The precautions for buying pets:
    1. Pets with incomplete vaccine can not be bought. For the health of pets, you should buy more vaccines to avoid pets.

    2, the purchased pets need to stay at home for 5-10 days, let pets familiar with the environment, avoid excessive frightening, and increase the pet's own resistance.
    3. When buying pets, if you do n’t understand, you need to bring a Dong and have a pet to avoid deception.

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