4 thoughts on “Cats are always stinging corners, table legs, and owners. Why do cats like to rush?”

  1. Now people have given up their prejudices for cats. At the beginning, they may think that cats are stronger and unfaithful, but when they raise cats, they find that the cat is so cute. The proportion of cats is also very high, because cats are really cute, they are very sticky, and they always like to accompany the owner silently. This is the best companion for human beings.
    So while we raised cats, we must pay more attention to the problems of cats. For example, when we often find cats, he always likes to slap the corner of the corner and even the owner. What about it?
    Is the cat because it is very sticky? That's why he kept beside the host. But looking at them seemed to be tickling once, if they were not sticky, then it was because of skin diseases. It is the reason why cats like to rush around.

    mainly is the following 4 points:
    The first cat likes to sting things, it must be the itching of the body, such as the chin head of the head And back, if the sebaceous glands are active, there will be some acne acne that causes the cat to itch for the cat's chin, so the cat can't stand itching, and you will find things to get itching.
    It points 2, cats like to go around, also to leave their own exclusive information. For example, this glands can produce unique pheromone, which is called Ferlo. Marking their own territory and the relationship between the personnel around them, and these phenomena left on the owner also played a role.

    This 3 cats like to be on the owner, because he regards the host as his family When the cat scratches his head or chin, the cat will show a particularly comfortable appearance.

    In addition to the above reasons, cats like to rush around, but also related to him during the estrus. Excited. Of course, we still have to pay attention to whether there are skin diseases on cats in time, such as cat moss infection with eczema. If such skin diseases exist, then we should take cats to animal hospitals for treatment in time.

  2. The reason why cats like to exist in things are the itching of the body. Cats are sensitive and possessive. Cats use their chin to get married and wear wedding rings.

  3. The first point may be that the cat has long bugs, so it will be rumored. The second point may be that the cat's body is uncomfortable to have this situation. You can observe the condition of the cat.

  4. The cat is in estrus and wants to seek comfort. During the estrus, in addition to like people, the cat may also like places that it can get in the corner of the table, sofa, etc.

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