5 thoughts on “Can cats sleep with people?”

  1. It is often said that in a century of cultivation, it has been traveled with the ship, and it has been slept for thousands of years. This is of course used to describe the deep feelings between husband and wife, but the common pillow is not limited to between husband and wife. Many pet owners really treat their cats as their own baby, raised hard, and grew up watching a little bit. Therefore, it is normal to form a very deep relationship between people and cats, and even intimate that they can sleep together. But is it suitable for people and cats to sleep together?
    The sound support and opposition coexist at the same time. Cats sleep with the owner, and it is not impossible. However, many friends still do not advocate sleep together. After all, cats are also a kind of animal, and animals are very different. For example, some animal body fur carries a large amount of bacteria, and the body may contain many germs and insects. Although the owner has a certain resistance, these bacteria may spread quickly between humans and animals. That means that once the owner sleeps with pets, the potential hiding the risk of germs infection, and it is not possible to have a indifferent attitude towards these pathogenic bacteria. In case the owner has a disease, it will be late.

    The owner and cat sleep together. When he just slept, it must be good. After falling asleep, the master may turn around in bed. The cat's body. The cat's body is so small, how can you bear the weight of a person? This may be possible for the owner to breathe the cat. This is a bit dangerous. What should I do if the cat dies because the cat does not breathe smoothly and the hypoxia is died?

    It, even if the owner sleeps well, the cat is alive, it needs to move. In case the cat is slightly sharp because of the claws or other body parts, the owner may have the risk of being arrested. This is not fun! Especially in the summer, the wound is particularly susceptible to infection. Once you are bitten by a cat, you may have to vaccine. How much is this!

    The wise owner should think about it. Even if you have a good relationship with your cat, you must consider your own safety! Sleeping with cats is of course a deep emotional external expression, but it can also be displayed in other ways! Sleeping with pets is still inappropriate, so Xiaobian still strongly suggested that the owners still sleep with cats as little as possible even if they can't bear the cats! After all, cats live at home every day, and look up at each other. Is it really appropriate to sleep together?

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  3. Why do cats like to sleep with people? I don't like it that simple, the answer is about psychology!

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  4. Don't sleep with people. After all, the cat has a certain parasite on the cat. Although he has taken a bath, there will also be specific bacteria and parasites. If you live with people, sleeping is still very harmful to human health. , I should prepare a special cat to sleep in the cat, so healthier

  5. I think it is possible, because cats are very lacking security animals, and cats also love cleanly, and they have vaccinated when kittens, so they are particularly safe and healthy, so sleep with the owner can enhance each other's feelings to enhance each other's feelings. Essence

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