What are the small games that are suitable for interacting with your own pets?

What are the small games suitable for interacting with pets?

5 thoughts on “What are the small games that are suitable for interacting with your own pets?”

  1. There are some, but not much. The most common is some fun cats and dogs. However, strictly speaking, these are not games, and it is only a software that interacts with pets.
    For example, when she had a house with others before, she raised a cat. And I played a cat -teasing game. Every day, the software will make a rat's scream, which makes the cat find it everywhere, but I can't find the source of the mouse, I can only keep staring at me. But for a long time, it will not be fooled again. So when I was in estrus later, I also changed to a female cat's cry, which made it too irritable and ran directly to my quilt to urinate. Of course, that software has some other uses, such as recording cat's behavior habits, etc., which is also a pretty useful software.
    and another dog walking software is also very fun, especially to hide the phone, and then click the button, it will constantly make some strange sounds. The dogs will find this sound when they hear this sound. However, if you are raised by Husky or Corgi, you should not use such software, otherwise the dog will disassemble the home. If it is some well -behaved dogs, this software can be used for some interaction with the dog, waiting for the dog to find something to eat for it.
    of course, there are still many tips on pets for these software. Many times you can go to see it. Some of them are very reasonable. Just like when I do n’t understand it on my day, I also like to go up, especially suitable for me.
    Okay, I will answer here about this question. If you like my answer, please give me a praise.

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