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  1. Express can send pet cats, but most of the courier companies do not accept pet express. Normal pet cat express is different from ordinary product express delivery. Pet cats cannot be delivered directly after packaging. Cats are a life. Once they are shipped according to ordinary goods, they may suffocate during transportation. Cat express is all empty.

  2. Cats cannot be courier. Express stations in all cities cannot transport living bodies, because they cannot guarantee the safety of living lives. If you want to send cats to other places or cities, you can use logistics, passenger cars, trains to consignment, air flights consignment, air flights consignment, air flights consignment, air flights consignment, air flights consignment, air flights consignment, air flights consignment, air flights consignment. Send the cat safely. When consigning cats, prepare aviation bags, and do not feed food 8 hours before and after transportation to prevent cats from having physical discomfort.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, I answered this question, I am very happy to answer you, you are inquiring the information, you will take some time for typing. You will answer you in 5 minutes. Please wait patiently for a while ~nCats cannot mail or couriernFor the purpose of animal protection, my country has stipulated that the items of living liver (animal) are not available.nIf you have to transport pets, you can find aviation consignment pets:n1. First go to the animals and plant quarantine unit (or the Agricultural Bureau Animal Husbandry Center) to issue three related certificates -to inject rabies vaccine at the veterinarian station (the vaccine airlines at the pet shop are not recognized), and issue an injection certificate (that is, the immunization certificate) And transportation device disinfection proof (that is, a proof of disinfection of air boxes or homemade animal cages). 2. Apply for animal quarantine cards and health certificates. 3. Air consignment, packing, transportation, etc.nAir -transported cats need to use a dedicated plastic aviation box. Usually home iron pet cages are unqualifiednI hope my answer can help you. If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time. I will answer you as soon as possible.n5 morenBleak

  4. Pet cats are very bad for express mail as express mail, because it cannot guarantee that its life is safe on the road, and it can even cause suffocation and motion sickness. After landing, it may suffer from infectious diseases or other diseases. Of course, many companies now do transportation for pets. This is relatively reliable and can minimize the stress response.

  5. In principle, all courier cannot be sent to cats, because according to relevant laws and regulations, cats, dogs and other live animals are not allowed to send express delivery. And when sending express delivery, it is easy to cause diseases and cannot guarantee their lives of life.

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