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  1. As of April 24, 2020, British short cats did not have a fixed price. According to the factors and other factors such as quality phases, bloodlines and other factors, they were always changing, generally more than 1,000. Among all British shorts, the British short price of blue will be relatively high.
    non -purebred British short cats are generally about 2,000 yuan. In some places, you can get a general -looking English short cat. Then spend 2,000 yuan, you can buy a British short cat.
    The price of purebred British short cats is generally above 5,000 yuan, and some places even cost 6000-10,000 yuan. British short cats above this price are generally pure species, the difference is that the British short cat's appearance.
    Pucting information: Nursing method
    Cat claws are tools for cats to catch, climb and self -defense. If the owner raises a cat to catch the rat, of course, he cannot trim your feet. If the owner is a cat as a partner animal, he should often trim your feet to the cats to avoid grasping people, grasping bad clothes, furniture, and flooring. Pruning your claws should be from small, once every January.
    During pruning, don't cut too much to avoid hurting the cat's feet. Cut off other claws and polish.
    The bathing can not only keep the cat's clean and beautiful, but also clear some parasites on the body surface, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and play a role in preventing and fitness. The habit of bathing is best to cultivate from an early age, and we will take a bath for cats after adulthood. The cat will be very reluctant.

  2. As of January 23, 2020, the price of British short blue cats is at least 1,000 yuan, and the high bloodlines may be more expensive.
    British short hair cats are traditional British local cat pure breeds, with distinctive fat bodies, dense coats and vast faces. In the early days, the Chinese were called British short blue cats, and the scientific name should be called British blue short hair.
    The most familiar colored variants are "British Blue", a solid blue -gray coat and copper -colored eyes, but this variety has also been widely scated in other colors and patterns. The most characteristic is that this cat has five shorts, namely: short hair, short body, short tail, short limbs, short ears.
    Extension information:

    The British short -haired blue cats believe that the invasive Romans initially brought by the Egyptian cat Britain Britain and the local European wild cat. For thousands of years, their natural separation descendants have developed into distinctive and strong cats. There are short, but thick fur, which can better resist the conditions for their native islands. Based on the artist's statement, modern British short -haired cats are the initial type and are basically unchanged.
    Is one of the oldest cats of the most known cats, probably from the first century AD to the Romans of the United Kingdom to invade the Egyptian cat. In modern times, it is still registered in the most popular species of its motherland, such as cat -style British Council (GCCF).
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-British short blue cat

  3. You asked too wide. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Zhongcheng City price. Chinese pastoral cats ranges from 0-100. Siamese cat 400-800 British short beauty short 1500-2000. Folding ear 1800-2200. Persian cat 2000-3000. Kim Jira 2500-3000, Garfield 3000-4000. This is a pet-level price.

  4. British short blue cats have different prices according to factors such as quality phase, bloodlines and other factors. Generally, the British short blue cats with general appearances are about 1,000-2000 yuan. British short blue cats with a bloodline certificate are generally about 4,000 to 5,000 yuan. Breeding and racing British short blue cats are generally more than 6,000 yuan because of high demands.

  5. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer. If you just buy a pet cat to accompany, you do not ask for a little shorter problem with more than 1,000 British shorts. In fact, the cat's personally look at the eye. This is called confirmation. This is a glance at him, and the rest can be seen. Mine was also bought by 1400, and there were three stitches vaccines.nI just arrived at home, and I was a little thin when I was small. At that time, I often did not have diarrhea and did not eat. Everything is commonplace, giving him all kinds of goat milk powder, chicken breasts, otherwise he doesn't eat any cat food. He specially picky eaters when he was a kid, and had to have it once. Cat mossnWhen I was young, I really worked hard.n(Then it's an embarrassing period)nAt this time, my body is good, I do n’t picky, but I can eat it, and grow up infinitely. When I grow up, I don't grow up. At that time, I was particularly disabled like that. so tanglednGenerally speaking, the short price of the British as a pet cat is not very high. If it is a private or kittens, it can be bought at 1000-2000. If it is a large cat house and pet shop, the price will be higher, between 2000-3000.nFrom the perspective of the product, the price of quality will naturally be lower, about 1000-2500, if it is good, the price is between 3000-5000. If there are bloodlines and good quality, the price is definitely higher, basically tens of thousands.nOf course, there are still some British shorter and more expensive, such as the short -term British short, millions are possible.nBleakn7 morenBleak

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