2 thoughts on “I want to buy a dog, please come in in Inner Mongolia”

  1. 1. How many dog ​​markets are opened on the week?
    We are from Inner Mongolia, but we are here on Sunday morning. I think elsewhere! But Baotou and Hohhot have special pet shops and pet markets that are opened throughout the day!
    2. What is the price of this dog?
    The sand dog seems not expensive, but it is unclear! I don't like Shape. It is too troublesome to brush the skin in wrinkles every time! But it's just 200!
    3. What else do you think of?
    will not look at the seed! You can only see the relevant information on the Internet yourself!
    What do you need to go through the train to bring your dog?
    It seems to be consignment! Don't let people do it! But consignment is too much!

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