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  1. Finally, I received the "Ru Lei Tong Ear" Bilu Milk Fan. Do you set up a FLAG? Have you become a qualified "milk tyrant"? However, this looks simple milk powder, have you really mastered it? Incorrect milk powder and feeding methods will affect the absorption of nutrition for the child's child. In severe cases, it will even cause young pets! In order to make PETAG Better Milk Powder better play. The following knowledge points must be learned! Together with Xiaoji to open these "question marks" about Bilu milk powder!
    q: What should I do after the young pets?
    a: Emergency treatment suggestions after young pets: Hold your young pet head towards the floor. Slip the young pets quickly, about 5-8 times. After shaking the young pets and nasal cavity, some liquids may be discharged, and it can be cleaned up. Pay attention to protecting and supporting young pets to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  2. How to feed the puppy. If the puppy does not open the eyes for a month, you must use the baby bottle to feed the puppy. If it is a puppy, you can put milk in a small bowl after 30 days.

  3. The puppy is too young to feed it. You must hug it first, and mix it with a small bottle with an appropriate amount of milk powder and add 49 degrees of pure water to feed it.

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