5 thoughts on “Why do some people sterilize for dogs?”

  1. Barborn dogs (details)
    Many people think that dog fertility is their freedom. Why do they want to do sterilization for dogs to deprive them of their rights. Of course, these ideas are understandable, but why do you have to do sterilization for dogs, and what harm will it bring to the dog if it is sterilized? This also requires us to consider it. Everything has both sides. Although the sterilization makes the dogs unable to have children, it will also bring them a lot of benefits.
    1. Malming temperament after sterilization: For dogs who are in estrus, their temperament will be more irritable, and often fights with other dogs because of their spouses, leading to bruises throughout It will rise significantly. But after sterilization, they will become more docile, mainly because they break their thoughts, there is not much need, so it will be relatively calm.
    2. Avoid unexpected fertility: If you are not careful one day, do not see them, or lose it, it is likely that this will happen. If it is a younger dog, it is okay. If the old dog is pregnant, it is likely to endanger their lives, and after sterilization, this worries can be exempted.
    3. Prevent a variety of diseases: For unborn dogs, especially for female dogs, more and more problems will emerge with age. Undaranty bites, uterine pus, endometritis, breast tumors, and ovarian cysts are their high incidence, and all of them are major diseases. After sterilization, it can greatly reduce the chance of the disease.
    The above is the reason why the dogs should be sterilized for dogs, stable personality, avoiding accidental pregnancy, preventing diseases, and preventing noise. Consider.

  2. When my dog ​​was born with a dog for the first time, it was difficult to give birth. The dog who went to a pet hospital had lost his life. After it recovered, I took it to sterilize surgery. I don't want it to leave me so early.

  3. Reduce dogs' aggressiveness. After many dogs have sterilized surgery, their character will become more docile. So it won't hurt the children at home.

  4. My dog ​​did not start sterilizing at first, and later I wanted to take it for sterilization for its health. When I just bought it back, I was also considering whether to do sterilization surgery for it. I think that the dog will definitely hurt if it is sterilized, but it will not be a dog. Diseases of those breast tumors and uterine pus. Later, I discussed with my husband or took it to sterilize surgery. The little guy lives healthy now and has brought us a lot of joy.

  5. Teddy dogs, whether they are male dogs or female dogs, will cause a lot of trouble to the owner when they are in estrus. If you don't want dogs to continue to have puppies, you can choose to do sterilization surgery for dogs.

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