1 thought on “How to simulate the goat space waste where to catch the sheep in another world”

  1. Simulation goat: There are many useful goats set in space waste, which have different functions. Today, I will introduce to you the method of unlocking all goats in the unlocking method of all goats in space waste

    It simulated goats: The unlocking method of all goats in space waste to unlock all goats:
    1, accounting sheep
    The Qiancang task to unlock, unable to
    2, scammers sheep
    needs to unlock the CEO task, and it will become a liar goat when entering the CEO ...
    special abilities, brush the gold coin box
    3, professor sheep
    Six things are put into the pit into a professor
    special, black hole
    4, pirate sheep
    , and professor's map into the left, the top red is pirate to pirate
    Special ... Lick something first, then
    5, despicable goat
    The wattleer lounge on the right of the carrier
    Global shoes, come in and see the ventilation, um, out the vent, go out to become despicable
    6, Galaxy
    to unlock the laboratory, go in for you to complete four experiments, step on the blue keys to drop a cow
    , put the cow on top
    . After entering, go to the left corner first
    . After entering, go to the left corner

    7, alien sheep
    standing under the flying saucer will be sucked up and turning into a alien, um -alien
    special, spit out the eggs of the face worm
    8, the family of heavenly n Licking the son of the right side
    Stime when there is something around you, the touch of the screen will move (you can't move)
    9, the last
    The first room on the left of the lounge, just put on a hat.

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