1 thought on “How to make canned beef, how to eat beef cans”

  1. Main ingredients: 5 cans of eggs of eggs 1 can
    Curamids: Appropriate amount of flax oil oil

    1. First prepare raw materials

    2. Cut the onion

    3. The eggs are scattered, add a little salt (so that you do n’t need to add salt when frying, the canned beef is salty itself, you should add less salt)

    4. Canned beef scattered with chopsticks, spare

    5. Pour oil in the pan

    6. . Add a little oil to the pot, and the onion sauté

    8. Stir -fry the eggs and stir fry a few times

    9. Add canned beef. It's out of the pot (just wait for canned beef is hot)

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