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  1. The owner observed carefully daily, discovered and took the dog to see a doctor in time. In fact, dogs are sick or uncomfortable, and they will be manifested in these 6 aspects: posture, hair, poop, nose, eyes, ears.
    The behavior of dogs is sick
    Is when dogs are sick, there may be these two obvious behaviors. The first is lying on the ground and motionless, and it is indifferent to walking and eating. The other is to keep pacing back and forth at home, a very anxious look. Both of them are methods for dogs to relieve pain. And when the dog's stomach is upset, they also make a similar posture of "inviting play", holding up their buttocks and posted on the ground on the ground. It is best to take it to the hospital.
    It hair when the dog is sick
    Is when a dog suffers from skin disease or is infected with parasites, the dog's soft hair will become very rough, and the hair is severe. Bald. The owner is best to take off the dog's hair to see if there is something wrong with the skin. And some very serious basic, such as heart disease, tumor, etc., the physical condition of the dog will decrease sharply, and the hair will become dry.
    The poop when the dog is sick
    It's poop from the dog, you can clearly see if there is gastrointestinal problems. Generally speaking, the feces of healthy dogs are brown, brown, and can be pinched. It will not be too soft or too hard. If the dog is diluted, it is likely to be indigestion. The owner can first reduce the amount of dog feeding. If the dog is pulled out of blood, you must quickly bring the dog to see a doctor.
    The white or gray: The most common reason for the stool in this situation is that the bones are fed more.
    green: It may be because the dogs eat lettuce, solemn vegetables, or celery and other high chlorophyll -containing vegetables or fruits, which cannot be absorbed!
    Red: You can check it first to see if it is caused by anal fissure. If not, it may be caused by the lower digestive tract bleeding.
    black: If dogs usually eat more meat, they may be black, but they may also be the dog's stomach, duodenum, and small intestine.

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