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  1. What to do if the dog gets angry:
    The let the dog rest in a cool and comfortable place. Check the dogs. If you have a lot of dogs, you can use boric acid to dilute your eyes. Do not use the touch of the dog to prevent bacteria from transmitting it. See if the hair around the dog's eyes will be too long to stimulate the dog.
    It, you can feed some cool and detoxifying medicines, such as Banlangen and other cooling tea. In addition, dog food is best soaked with warm water. Try not to give the dog too hot food. Give the dog and eat it. There are also some vegetables, such as bitter vegetables and cabbage, which can condition the dog's stomach.

    The best way to drop the fire to fire is to solve it from the diet. Ending medicine is more difficult to accept for dogs. Eat dog food flexibly. You can give the dog for some vegetable porridge, so you can drink it for the dogs for the dog for three days a day. In addition, at this time, do not feed the dog at this time. Drinking more milk will get angry. Can add additional cabbage, carrots and other vegetables.

    If the dog feels hot in summer, the owner can cut the dog's hair shortly, and do not go out in high temperature in summer to avoid the dog in a hot state.
    This doctor's warm reminder: If you want to know more about dogs, you can click "What to do if the dogs get angry in summer".

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