5 thoughts on “Where can I sell dogs in the old city of Qingyuan”

  1. Find a professional breeding farm and a dog. There are more dogs there. Although it is not guaranteed to be healthy, the puppies bought are still guaranteed, and they have been vaccinated to drive insects.
    Pet shops and dog markets, I don't think there is a lot of sick dogs.
    Min I bought in Guangzhou's "Emperor Dog Industry". Now it is very healthy. I feel that buying dogs and seeing dog fate. Sometimes I spend more money to buy a dog. After all, I have been raising for several years. I just recommend that I hope to help my dog ​​friends from all walks of life

  2. There are many places in Qingyuan that there are dogs for sale, and there are selling in the market. There are also stalls on the street. There are places to sell chickens and geese, or consult the veterinary drug store for consultation.

  3. Remember that there are under the bridge across the Chinese Medicine Hospital, there must be in the market. To prepare the smell on the dog, to prepare dog food, it is a dog rope, right?

  4. My dog ​​was bought in Guangzhou and called the name of the emperor. Samoyed there, very beautiful, I bought one, and I was very healthy
    Is you like to see it, or ask them to deliver

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