4 thoughts on “What are the most popular family pet dogs? do you know?”

  1. At present, there are many popular family pet dogs, including some small dogs and medium -sized dogs. For example, Corgi, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Alaska, and Samoyed are all people who want to raise them. However, if you live in the city, it is best not to raise some medium -sized dogs or large dogs, you can raise some small dogs, such as teddy or Corgi. Because the energy of large dogs is very strong, the owner needs to walk the dog. But there are not many large places in big cities, and walking dogs is also a problem.
    The popularity of Corgi and Teddy is relatively high.
    Corgi is very cute, and Corgi will break the tail after birth, which will make Corgi more cute and in line with people's aesthetics. So if you want to raise a puppy, you can raise a Corgi so that you can feel Corgi's cuteness and make you like pet dogs. However, Corgi's body is also fragile and may be sick. When Corgi is sick, you must take Corgi to see a doctor, do not delay. Teddy is also a particularly smart dog. He can learn a lot of posture and understand the owner's order. For example, Teddy will walk on a tiptoe, as if a child is very cute.
    Akita and Shiba Inu are also liked by many people.
    Akita and Shiba Inu are foreign dogs, but these two dogs are more popular in China. Because the appearance of these two dogs is very good and gentle, especially listening to the owner. So you can also raise a Akita, so that you can feel the charm of Akita and make you very happy. And Shiba Inu is more nervous and is particularly prone to mental illness, so if you have no patience, or work is busy, it is best not to raise Shiba Inu.
    When the dog has a problem, the owner cannot abandon the dog. He should take the dog to see the doctor, so that the dog can make the dog very healthy. Because you have raised dogs, you must be responsible for this pet, and you cannot abandon your pet.

  2. Little Tea Cup Bomei puppies, Golden Mao Puppy, Husky puppies, Labrador, teddy puppies. I know that because these puppies are very cute, and the chance of growing up is not high, it is better to raise.

  3. Knowing that the most popular pet dogs are Husky, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Corgi, VIP, these pet dogs are very popular.

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