5 thoughts on “Is there a place to sell dogs in Ningbo?”

  1. There is a pet shop in Baihe New Village, Jiangdong District, Ningbo, and you can buy a string of Teddy and Biexian!
    or there is a "Teddy House" on Sangtian Road, which specializes in Teddy, all kinds of colors are also available in newspapers. The boss is good. I bought one like 4000. If I bought a bitch, I could breed in her. In the future, I had a puppy and could be sold to her at half price.
    It, you can take 15, 3, 357 to the public management office. The oblique opposite side of the crossroads is just right. If you do n’t know, just find someone to ask where Baizhangyuan is (not Baizhang Garden) , Just next to the gate of the community

  2. Three cities, take the 819th road to the front of the Nanjiao Park, get off the bus,
    The market every month every month, such as No. 3 8, 13, 18, etc.
    The last periodic market for the district

  3. This Tianyi crossing tunnel is sold, but it is not very hygienic
    It is better to go to the pet shop. I remember that there is a pet shop in Metro in Lazhou, it is quite big.

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