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  1. To teach dogs to pretend to be dead, the owner first needed the snack in one hand, and then said "bang", and then the other hand was forcibly knocked on it to the ground. In the previous training, as long as the dog falls down, parents can eat the food as a reward to praise it well. After handling the mobile phone -type training in this way, it is necessary to gradually transition to the use of passwords to train pet dogs. Every time the dog hears a "bang" sound, he lay down and died.
    Of course, it is not time for pet dogs to learn to pretend to be dead in one or two days. Parents' training also takes time. Train pet dogs need to be insisted every day, you can train 3-5 times a day, and you can keep your child for about 10 minutes at each training time. This can keep the dog's fun to participate in training and avoid excessive boredom training.
    It attention: The training of dogs pretending to be dead is not difficult. As long as the method is used to encourage and reward them at the right time, coupled with a period of training, then they can be well good. Master this performance skills. And the most important thing is that in the process of training, your relationship with the dog has entered another layer, and the relationship will rise quickly.

  2. Teddy dogs (details introduction)
    For those who raise dogs, dogs who see other people have all kinds of talents. My dogs learn some performance programs and can perform in front of friends. So let's briefly talk about how to make dogs learn to pretend to be dead. It is not difficult for the training of this skill. We can associate death and sleep.
    Although pretending to be dead and sleeping is a different concept, the effect is still the same when the dog shows. Dogs usually feel interesting about these beneficial skills. If it has learned to "lie down", it should be able to learn about the skill of pretending to be dead. First of all, say "lying down" to it, and then say: "Pretend to be dead" at the same time, roll the dog at the same time, pour his body to one side, fall straight down, keep this posture for a while, then touch it gently, then touch it, and then touch it. If you do n’t get the next order, you must press them in time and say “NO” in time, and then gently stroke them. When you think you can say "get up" with it, let it stand up, stroke it, give it some rewards, train it several times a day, and they can learn after a while.
    So the training of dogs pretending to be dead is not difficult. As long as the right method and give them encouragement and rewards at the right time, plus a period of training, then they can master this performance well Tips.

  3. The method of training is: let the dog lie down, it is actually very simple. You can gently push the dog with your hands and cooperate with the password lying down. The difficulty lies in the dog
    lying with the sound of gunfire. When we shot, the password of "lay down". If the dog is not done well, we need to push it down with our hands and appease
    , let it feel that lying down is a very enjoyable thing. Over time, it can connect the gunfire with the sound of the gun, instead of "password".
    lying down -delay, keep the dog lying down and keep moving. This is the key to the success or failure of the dog's performance. If the dog does not get the command of the owner, it will be "re -
    ", which will make people laugh. When the dog is lying down, the dog will try to get up after a while. At this time, you have to say "no" to it and re -
    to push it, wait for it to lie down quietly to give food encouragement. Remember, don't send out the "lying down" password again, and you must not call its name. Let it make it clear
    This. This is the continuation of the password just now. The password has not been lifted. Then you can make it up. This lying down -extended
    The slow training also slowly grows for a long time, not to be done overnight, and rushed to achieve success. This is a seemingly simple and complicated process, delaying training
    The patience of dogs and owners is very needed.
    wants to be a star dog, its acting skills must reach the point where the fire is pure, and it must be tested by the outside world, and the dog is gently pulled the dog with your feet. It
    With an attempt, he still said "no" to it, still keeping it in a good position and encouraging it. The method is the same as above.
    I heard the name, the performance is over. When the dog hears the owner's name, you must quickly jump and run to the owner, but you can't lie on the ground and fall asleep. The owner
    In the "wake up" dogs with a relatively high and enthusiastic voice. Generally, it will be easy to do after the dog is accepted. You must reward it well in front of you.

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