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  1. It is recommended to use the imported body deworming medicine. Generally, it should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. The dosage is distributed according to the instructions. The more obedient dogs can be fed directly. Dogs with poor stomachs are recommended to mix with dog food to reduce intestinal stimulation. The only disobedient is forced to put the medicine on the dog's tongue, pinching his mouth with your hands, until the dog has a swallowing action, it is enough. In addition, the internal deworm is to observe the stool of the dog.

  2. 1. How many dogs are deworming?
    The deworming of dogs, first of all, you need to buy the corresponding guarantee insect repellent. The deworming medicine here is divided into two types, one is in vitro drive, and the other is internal drive.
    The external driver is generally a drop of drop. If the internal drive, generally, you must take the dog's weight and then take the corresponding amount of insect repellent.
    Of course, there are also some brands that can achieve the treatment drugs of the same driver in the body and outside the body. If necessary, you can buy such drugs. Such drugs will be more convenient.
    2. How to use insect repellent?
    The external driver is very simple. Generally, it is tither. You only need to pull the hair on the dog's neck away, and then drip on the surface of the skin. This will be more dangerous, the dog will not lick by mistake, and then the inner driver is generally based on weight, and then take the dog according to the dose.
    If it is useful for you, please adopt it, thank you!

  3. Dog deworming includes deworming and in vitro deworming, and deworming after 7 to 8 weeks. If you eat normally, you do n’t eat raw things to eat regularly. The deworming time is about 2 to 3 months. If you eat irregularly, you may have to drive once every two months. Once two months.

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