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  1. 驱除狗狗体内寄生虫的方法有使用驱虫药,使用方法:rn1.常用丙硫苯咪唑和左旋咪唑,口服,每5斤重吃1片,每天1次,连吃3天,对蛔虫、 Terraper and hookworm are effective.
    2. Pitteriopyrazole is effective for tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whip worms and nematodes. Compound methylpidazole is made of metheiopylzole and levicidazole with hydrochloride. Two tablets are taken, but some dogs have blood in the stool, which is unclear. Pregnant dogs should not take methyl or "two tablets".
    3. Pyramone can treat tapeworm infection. Orally take 10 to 20 mg per kilogram of weight, you can take it once.
    4. Parasites in the driver can also be used to be destroyed. One subcutaneous injection can be used.
    5. Anti -tricles can choose to destroy the drops.
    6. Sulfa drugs can only prevent pomoscopy infection. Treatment of amphiboline hydrochloride hydrochloride in the treatment.
    Finally, in order to ensure the health of the dog, it is recommended that dogs below June to do deworming once a month, and adult dogs are deworming every 3 months.

  2. You can buy pet deworming tablets for pets and eat it. You can drive the parasites in the body. Generally, it is recommended to repel deworming regularly to avoid parasitic infection and it is good for dogs' health!

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