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  1. Large dogs are like golden retriever, Er Ha, the pet owner often takes them outdoors, like the kind of rough stone floor on the square, the kind of rough stone floor in the community, which is the best grinding stone for dogs. Nails out. This kind of dog is more troublesome, and it is enough to trim it once in two months.
    but some small dogs like Chihuahua and Shih Tzu, because the volume is small, the indoor needs to meet their activity needs. It is grinded to the nails, so this small dog nail president is fast and long.

    must be a must -have for dogs to cut nails
    before cutting nails, we must prepare something:
    Nail cotton balls, paper towels, in case of hemostatic powder.

    The method of trimming the nails of the dog
    Is to trim the dog's nails for the dog must control the dog's emotions. Finish. One person strokes the dog's head to disperse attention, and controls the dog's head to avoid unexpected bite.
    is not difficult to cut nails, mainly carefully. The soles of the dog are covered with blood vessels and nerves, and the nails should not be cut too deep. Use the nail to cut the dog's nails 1/3, and then use a knife to get a arc, similar to a woman's nail art.
    I really accidentally hurt the dog, just stop the hemostatic powder. During the trimming process, you can also trim the hair around the dog's toes and feet pillows to prevent the hair from slipping too long.

    This tutorials for trimming nails
    1. The nails are too long, the dog is uncomfortable, it is easy to find furniture, sofa, carpet, etc. to grind your nails at home.
    2. Nails will naturally bend the dog's feet to the ground. It is inconvenient, and it is easy to break after a long time, causing the dog's local injury infection.
    3. The nails are too long to hurt the dog during the interaction of the dog.

    Although cutting nails is not very happy, but for their health, you still have to trim your nails regularly. Friends who have no experience can start cutting less. Trimming normally. Finally, I wish you all the dogs of shoveling officers healthy!

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