5 thoughts on “What should I do if my pet dog is not obedient?”

  1. The nature of the dog is more likely to play, and it is inevitable that there are mistakes when there are mistakes, but the owner is best not to use violence on the dog, which will make the dog more and less disobedient, and even have a psychological shadow of the dog. What should I do? Today, let Xiaobian share with you a few ways to educate dogs.
    Methods 1. Timely stop the dogs when doing wrong things, "No", "No", etc., to stop the dog's wrong behavior in time. The attitude must be more serious. To the emotions of the master, knowing that you are angry and you won't do it.
    Methods 2. Persist in walking dogs. Many times the dogs make trouble at home because of their vigorous energy and the energy in the body is not consumed, and it will vent at home. For dogs with physical fitness, the owner is better to insist on taking the dog out to slip out, consume physical strength, and do not want to move home when he goes home.
    Methods 3. It is not advisable to use the love stick to beat the dog when educating dogs, because doing so that dogs will have a fear of themselves, making it more and more difficult to get close to you. In fact, when punishing dogs, we can use the love stick. It does not hurt to hit the dog on the dog, but it will make some sounds make the dog quiet. It can be said that it is a good equipment for educating dogs.
    Methods 4. When the action controls the dog out and walks, the dog is always excited to forget the existence of the owner, and it will become a dog slippery, not a person walking the dog. At this time As long as the dog exceeds you, he ordered stop immediately, and then stands without moving. Wait for the dog to calm down before leaving. Repeat several times and patiently guide it. I believe that the dog will learn soon.
    Methods 5. When the rewards and punishments must be made in time when the dogs are made wrong, corrected on the spot. You can use the "stick" rolled up to punish the dog. Let the dog know the error.
    Of course, when the dog is right, you must also reward some snacks in time. It is best to choose a dog snack that helps molars to help the dogs and the teeth of the teeth. Specialized.

  2. Patient education for dogs, dogs are very spiritual. Smart dogs can understand what the owner says. If education is useless, punish dogs, do not play toys for dogs, and punish dogs standing.

  3. If pet dogs are not obedient, we can use food to seduce it to train it, but for those who love pets, do not use violence to suppress it. This will not only hurt the dog's heart, but also may be back.

  4. Pet dogs need to be tuned without obedience. Do not fight. Guide to complete the designated action to reward its food. This repeatedly, it will understand your instructions.

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