5 thoughts on “What kind of dog has no body taste”

  1. The stalk dogs do not lose hair without body odor, such as poodles, Bear, Sherry, Yorksia, Malzis, Chihuahua, etc. There are no particularly obvious taste.
    The source of dogs with body taste is mostly these places and can be cleaned like this:
    Ear -ears are inflamed or have earwax. Buy the ear washing fluid to clean it, and take the medical treatment in severe cases.
    The mouth -teeth or gastrointestinal problems. If you teeth, buy more bite glue and bite it, or bring your teeth. In the stomach, pay more attention to diet, do not feed chicken liver and internal organs, and eat a lot of fishy dogs.
    Anal -anal glands. Squeeze anal gland.
    or you can take a dog to take a bath, clear the mud on your body and it can be filled with the taste of shower gel.

  2. No matter what dogs have a body taste, the relatively small taste is Teddy, Bear, Bomei and other small dogs. As long as wet towels are often used and bathing regularly, the problem is not big.

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