1 thought on “Why does the dog suddenly lick the leaves on the roadside”

  1. It should be itchy to go, or it is the taste of green plants.
    This is a dog that can be said to be natural, but I suggest that you make your home cleaner, so as not to lick some dirty things, so that the dog's stomach is not very good.
    This licking hair is because there are parasites on the body, and the leaves love to eat leaves because of the self -diagnosis, that is, there are some animals who eat some plants such as herbs. Nothing, you take it to see a doctor. It is treating itself ... Some dogs will always eat grass and vomit, because it is treating itself ~ You can give it some trace element tablets ~.
    should be a lack of trace elements? Intersection Licking ash and eating leaves and Ken Cement are due to the lack of trace elements. Eat some vitamins.

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