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  1. It is judged that the age of dogs mainly depends on the wear and falling of the dog's teeth. At the same time, it also refers to the facial expression, body posture, the occurrence of older hair and the changes in old -fashioned eyes.
    1, the wear and falling of the teeth.
    The milk teeth were born ten days after the dog was born. Two months later, the tooth, canine, and molars were gradually replaced by the tooth, 8-10 months, and the tooth was needed. Growth is solid.
    2, facial expression.
    dogs who are around 1 year old, with active expressions, eyesight and active eyes; dogs aged 2 to 4 years old, close to others, glowing, enthusiasm; old dogs greater than 7 years old, dull, right, right, right, right, right, right, right The stimulus response was slow, unwilling to move more, and his eyes were godly.
    3, posture.
    In young dogs, the body is light and spiritual. The activity is a bit clumsy at the age of 2 to 5, but it is stable, safe and reliable. Elderly dogs over the age of 10 have slow behavior, rolling or flexion, walking slowly.
    4, the occurrence of old hair refers to the appearance of gray and white hair (that is, the original non -gray hair dog becomes gray -white hair).
    In first in the lip area and lower jaw area. Dogs 4 to 5 years old began to see a few white hair; 5 ~ 6 years old increased significantly, and then spread to the back, around the nose, eyelids, eyebrows, etc., and further expanded to the long white hairs in the forehead and the outer ear canal, and even The entire head is white.
    This more than 10 -year -old dog's forehead, face and head with a large amount of white hair. The entire head of more than 13 becomes white (when there are also individual dogs 10-14 years old, the hair color remains unchanged). For dogs with white, yellow and white hair, or maroon -colored white spots, it cannot be used as an auxiliary means to judge age.
    5, eyes.
    The young dog's eyes are bright and bright. Dogs over the age of 7 have cataracts, cataracts over 8 years old, most of them have cataracts at the age of 9 to 10. cataract.
    The early cataract crystal is a blue -green ring. The typical cataract is in the central or central or centralized, the crystals are turbid or gray -white, and there are obvious green folding reflexes. Individual dogs also have white internal barriers from 1 to 1.5 years old.

  2. The life of dogs
    The work hard and extremely idle dogs, the life span of the two is very different, but no matter which dog, the life of the 15 years old is

    most commonly. As long as the breeder usually pays attention to the dog's body, exercise and disease health, most dogs have a long life.

    The difference between age
    Prepromus Babies will fall off 5-7 months after birth and give birth to permooth teeth.

    If the dog's milk teeth have fallen and the permanent teeth have not been exposed or exposed, the junction of the adult dog's upper and lower jaws is worn, adult dogs over 4 years old, 4 years old The upper and lower junction of the front teeth often becomes flat due to wear.

    For old dogs aged 7-8, the dog's age can be concluded according to the length of the dog's teeth.

    The age is generally only 5-6 months;

    It if all ministers of the teeth are all together, their age is about 8-12 months.

    In before adulthood, the growth state of the teeth shows the increase of the dog's age, but after adulthood, the age of the dog's age can be determined by the wear state of the teeth. Therefore, identifying the age of dogs requires certain practice and observation experience.

    Age tooth characteristics
    19-28 days of milk cut teeth

    21-28 The third milk front molar grows

    21-35 Sky breast teeth grow

    21-42 The 4th milk front molar grows

    28-42 The 2nd milk front molar grows
    n February All old milk teeth are long

    3-4 months old to change to 1, 2 tooth, and permanent teeth. Grow

    4-6 June to change the dog's teeth, grow permanent teeth
    n4- July-July to change the second rear molar, grow permanent teeth

    oven the third cut of the N5-6 June, grow permanent teeth

    5- July to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th permanent forward molar length
    n6-9 September jaw The 3rd permanent rear molars

    9-1 October October, the full replacement of all

    1-year-old permanent teeth long, white, shiny, teeth with sharpness

    1 The first half of the lower jaw is worn at the tip of the tip of the first tooth

    2 The end of the second and the half -teeth at the end of the teeth with wear

    3 Half of the upper jaw, the tip of the tip of the tooth R n4 The ends of the second tooth at the age of the second tooth are worn at the tip of the 2 tooth

    5 The tip of the teeth at the age of 3 began to wear. The tip of the tooth began to wear, the cinnamon is blunt, the mandibular teeth are worn

    8 The first cut to the lower teeth of the lower jaw, the grinding surface is tilted forward
    n 10 years old jaw 2, the first jaw 1 tooth cut teeth The grinding surface is oval

    11-15 years old to fall off, teeth insufficiency

    16-20 years old dogs fall off

    2 Milk teeth (white, fine, sharp)

    2-4 months of change of the door
    n4-6 months to change canine teeth (white, teeth, tooth teeth, tooth Followed blunt)

    6-10 month replacement of molars

    1 years old teeth are long, white and bright, no sharpness of the hand teeth
    n Suddenly smoothed

    3 The upper tooth tip of the upper cavity flat part

    4-5 years old and the lower tooth began to wear a slightly inclined surface with yellow

    6-8 years old door tooth grinding dewen roots, dog's hair yellow wear lips

  3. Judging the age of dogs mainly depends on the wear and falling of dog teeth. At the same time, it should also refer to its facial expression, body, body, and hair condition, as well as the occurrence of older hair and changes in old -fashioned eyes.
    The number of dogs and gaseous teeth of dogs is different. The milk teeth are 28, and the gondent teeth are 42. When he was in July, he grew up.
    The judgment of the degree of wear of the teeth:

    1 -year -old dogs are long, white and bright, and the upper part of the door is sharp (also known as "sharp peak");

    1 The first tooth of the dog under the jaw, the first tooth of the dog, is worn to the flat peak. This phenomenon is called "the peak is obliged"; R n
    By the age of 3 and a half years old, the peak of the first teeth of the first teeth of the upper jaw and the second door of the upper jaw;

    6-7 years old, the peak of the third door of the mandibular teeth is obliterated , Dagua tooth, the first tooth of the mandibular teeth is worn to the root of the tooth, and the wear surface is vertical oval;

    10 -year -old pet dog dog lower jaw second and the first mandibular grinding surface is vertical oval;

    Is about the dog around 16 years old, the income began to fall off, and the dog's teeth were uneven.
    2 years old, the hair of the dog's nose or chin may begin to turn gray (because of genetic and stress factors interference, this is not particularly accurate). But if you find that your dog's whole body color is gray (chest, face, underarms, ears, nose, etc.), it is the symbol of it starting to enter the old age.
    When your dog becomes very old, its eyes will gradually become blue, like a layer of blue film covered on it, which is caused by aging crystal. It will not cause serious vision loss.

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