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  1. There are many types of pet dogs, including:
    The West Highland White Terrier
    n's Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
    (Norwich Terrier)
    Norfolk Terrier
    The Kerry Blue Terrier n Jack Russell Terrier (Wire) (Wire)
    The fox tract (SMOOTH)
    Dandie dinmont terrier
    R N Border Terrier
    Terrier n Airedale terrier)

    1. According to the classification method of dogs:

    The purpose of dogs can be used for hunting, rewards, and can be used to engage in special tasks or service. Dogs can be divided into: hunting dogs, hunting dogs, more, working dogs, and family dogs according to their use and reproduction purpose.

    The hunting dog (also known as "mention"): The hunting dog is mainly used to help humans hunt, find prey, prevent the prey from running away, or hunt up the prey in accordance with the host's instructions, or retrieved the beaten prey. Wait. It can also be used to look at home care, protect safety, etc. In addition to the dogs of the Shaleki dog, the Wamarana dogs, etc., many hunting dogs have been specially used. Such as hunting foxes, hunters, rabbits, hunter hunters, etc.

    The hunting dog (also known as "yellow"): Use to cultivate sparrow hunting. Good at helping the owner to find a prey. It will also wait for the opportunity to help the owner retrieve the prey. These dogs include: Kaka dog, Japanese lion dog, British Slum dog, etc. ...

    绠: 绠 Most of the mouth is dexterous, and the sense of smell is extremely sensitive. Good at drilling caves and digging caves, capturing small animals such as fox and crickets. Especially good at catching rats, it is an individual who has some special effects in dogs. A considerable part of the cricket belongs to the ornamental dogs, such as the Tibetan lion dog, Wellsti, Sima Ti, etc.: 绠 Mainly: Bull dogs, Kane dogs, Irish dogs, lakes dogs, Japanese Timi, etc.
    Pucts: Most of the working dogs are larger. After training, you can help the owner to complete some work. They are loyal to their duties, and they are smart. With excellent judgment and self -control, it is the one with the greatest contribution to human beings. It is also commonly used to serve in the army.工作犬分为牧羊犬,斗牛犬,导盲或救护犬,赛跑犬,拉车犬,警犬…… rnrn玩赏犬:专供人欣赏嬉戏的犬种,外型漂亮, Passion. Play dogs include: Chihuahua, Butterfly Dog, Mala Dog, Pomeranian, etc. ...

    The family dogs: specially used to see the dog who protects the owner. Personality is stable and close. These dogs are: Rhodesia Back Dogs, Akita Dogs, Dan Dogs, Bullfighting Dogs, Lion Dogs, etc. ...

    2. Dog Body Classification Method

    The world dogs can be divided into: super small dogs; small dogs; medium dogs; large dogs; super large dogs.

    S small dog: the smallest dog. It refers to dogs with a weight of no more than four kilograms from growing to adulthood and less than 25 cm. The body is small and exquisite, and is particularly loved by people. It is a treasure of playing dogs. Also known as "Sleeve Dog", "Pocket Dog", etc. ...
    S high -small dogs are: Chihuahua, Lhasa lion dogs, French toys poodle, Pomeranian, sausage dogs, Malta dogs, etc. N small dogs: refers to dogs with a weight of no more than 10 kg and a height of less than 40 cm. Small dogs are suitable for small dogs: Beijing Lion Dogs, Shi Shi Dogs, Haku Dogs, Guanmao Dogs, Tibetan Lion Dogs, Little Manchester Dogs, Fox Hunting Dogs, Wels Corki Dogs, Coco Dogs, Back Dogs, etc. …

    Themine: It refers to dog species weighing 11-30 kg in adulthood and 41-60 cm tall. The medium -sized dog has a lively nature of this dog. It has a curly body hair like sheep. It loves the largest favorite, has a wide range of activities, brave and good fighting, and is usually used for hunting. It is usually tied or closed with a chain. This type of dog is widely distributed, the largest number, and the most role in humanity.
    The medium -sized dogs include: Shami, Chow Chow, Kunming Dog, Chaoshan Dog, etc.; Bullfighting Dog, Jia Fei Dog, Berry Dog, Billy Bulls Shepherd Dog, Boxing Dog, Wimarana Dog, Blood hunting dog, Boeing Dog, etc. ...

    Large dogs: refer to dogs with an adult weighing at 30-40 kg and 60-70 cm tall. Large dogs are burly, not easy to tame, and they are brave. Often used as military dogs and police dogs. They have deep friendship with humans and loyal to the owner. The breeding requirements of large dogs are very high, which is in the national
    especially the military police dog. Due to strict selection, high elimination rate, and expensive price, general departments are generally breeding. It is difficult to promote in ordinary families.
    The large dogs are: Japanese Akita Dog, British blood hunting dog, bullfighting dog. Old British Shepherd. German Rowing Dog, Du Bowen Police Dog, Giant Shi Ji Chati, Alaska Snow Pry Dog, Damai Town Dog, etc. Dog species above 71 cm. Is the biggest dog. Small quantity. Mostly used to work or serve in the army. Great Dan Dog, Big White Bear, Santa Bernard, Newfoundland, etc.

  2. Generally divided into single hounds, group hounds, working dogs, special dogs, play dogs, etc.

    ⒉ partner dog: representing dog breed chopsticks, sand dogs

    ⒊ stem dogs: representing dog species Sherry stalk, western highland white stalk
    r r
    Single hounds: Represents dog breeds Labu Dogo, Golden Retriever Xun Hui Hunting Dog

    ⒌ Hounds of Hounds: Representing dog breeds, Afghan hunting dogs

    ⒍ working dogs: representative dog Segee Siberian sled dog, Samore dog

    ⒎ Shepherd dogs; representing dog breeds, ancient shepherd dogs, Scottish shepherds

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