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  1. The types of dogs are distinguished according to their uses, and they are divided into six categories: 1. Work dogs include traditional guards and working dogs, such as the Rotovor dog. It is mainly used for work. In most cases, heroes are brave and fearless. They are natural guard dogs. Most of them are happy to work for their owners. 2. Most of the pet dogs from non -sports dogs come from this type. The only purpose of this dog is to accompany its master for life. For example: Dami -cho, French bullfighting dog, Chow Chow. 3. Dogs such as animal shepherds were used to protect sheep and cattle. Many dogs were also used by farmers and shepherds, but the dog was also suitable for pet dogs. For example: Keli Shepherd, Wales Short -foot Dog, German Shepherd. 4. Gunlla Hound Hound is used for reconnaissance, frightening, picking prey, etc. This dog usually has a docile personality. Most of them are both in two. For example: guide dog, golden retriever picking dog. 5. Hounds some dogs rely on the ability to distinguish the taste, while others rely on sharp vision to hunt. Hounds have a good quality of innate quality and walk around. Most hunting dogs are raised in groups, and their nests are built outdoors. For example: French short -legged hounds, big hounds, Bigl hounds. 6. Although playing dogs traditionally believed that this dog is just a dog, most of the dogs can still leave the owner to walk by themselves. Most of them are very good guard dogs, very smart, cute, but possessive, bravely stupid. For example: Pomeranian, Chihuahua dogs are divided into the following categories in accordance with the P.C.I dog species: 1. "Sheepdogs and" (except Switzerland's herd cattle) 2. Starsha "Schnauzer", Switzerland's mountain dogs and cow dogs 4. Dadquan (change) "Terriers" 5, sausage dogs "" 6, fox dog "spitz" 7, olfactory hunting dogs "" And its breeding descendants 8. The indicator dog "POINTING DOGS" 9. Retrieve dogs "" and water hounds "Water Dogs" 10, partner dog "" 11, toy dog ​​"TOY DOGS" 12 12 12 Visual hounds.

  2. Sympae Dog Burde Stalk Manchester Short -footed long -footed stalks, Boston stalks, Kai'an stalk head, Historiography, white stalks in the western part of the highlands, universal stalk work dog Belgian shepherd dog ancient shepherd dog Du Baimen, shepherd dog French Muslims dog Newfoundland dog Belle dog Scottish shepherd dogs Tibetan cashmerer Inuya dog San Bernaberian Siberian sleds, Welskki dog Masisi Mastiff, German shepherd dogs Dan Danlowlow Bound Enshan Dog German Bear Bargers Argentine Dog Alaska Squice Edie Partar Dog Gun Dog long -feet long -fired hunting dog Snow Dog Boga dog Blakeka dog Boeing Dog Golden Return dog Labrador hound practical practical practical practicality Inuya dog Akita Dog British Bull Dog Japanese Shiba Inu Gaoco Mountain Dog Dog Dog Bogy Box Boom Bill Battle Dog China Guanmao Dog French Bit Dog Dutch Dutch Dog Dog Dogo Dogho Hunter Babes Dog Afghan Hound Hunting Hound Hunting Fox Dog Salg Dog Suspos Shepherd Dog Hound (Baggi) Irish Wolf Hunter Hunter Sali Salum Inteusal Norway Mi Terrine Back Dog Big Dog Find Blood Hunter Sicily Hunter Small Play Dog Japanese Nakaito Inu Chizi Doll Beijing Dog Charles King Xiaoxiabatham Bargobu mini Malzis dog butterfly dog ​​Stick Parker Japanese silver fox

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