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  1. The classification of dogs has seven types of varieties, body shape, function, long hair, use, hair color and characteristics. It is divided into rural dogs and pet dogs; the body is large, medium, small, and super small; functions include partner dogs, working dogs and toy dogs, etc.; Small dogs include Bomei, poodle, Sherry, West Highland White Sircolius, Schttech, Yorkshire Dog, etc.
    super large dogs: Akita dog, Doberman, Dan Dog, big white bear. Small dogs: Snow Nayrian's living spirit, can be a dog who can act as a door -to -see dog. If you are training well, you will be obedient and obedient dogs. Maybe you lose your temper. The owner should interact more with it, increase trust and intimacy, and coax it when you are angry. A little delicious goat cheese dog snack is a good choice.
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