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  1. The reason for the cat is too thin:
    1. Infection parasite
    When a cat is infected with parasites, there may be poor appetite and the body cannot absorb nutrients, which will cause cats to gradually lose weight; Cats are deworming inside and outside the body.
    2. Nutritional imbalance
    The cat is too thin, and it may be because of the picky eaters, which causes the cat to eat too single food and malnutrition caused by uneven nutrition.
    3, digestive dysfunction
    The stomach of most cats is relatively fragile. When a cat has a digestive system disorders, it is prone to symptoms of body weight loss.
    What can cats eat fat?
    1. Chicken breasts
    The chicken is rich in protein, and chicken breasts do not contain excess fat. As a cat's complementary food, it can supplement more protein for cats, allow cats to grow meat, and also Can make the cat's body stronger.
    2, beef
    is rich in a variety of high -quality protein, trace elements, creatine, etc. It is given to the cat to enhance the cat's immune force, supplemented the nutrition required by the cat, so that the cat needs to make the cat. I am more willing to grow meat. For male cats, it can also promote cheeks.
    3, pet probiotics
    If the cat is too thin, you can feed the cat some pet probiotics, which can condition the cat's stomach and improve the appetite of the cat. For example, "Miao Xiu probiotics" cares for cats, enhance intestinal motility, and promote digestion and absorption.
    4, protein -rich cat food
    Cats need to consume a large amount of protein. If the cat is too thin, it is recommended to choose a cat with high protein content, so as to meet the needs of cats and promote long meat.
    It is like this "Miao Xiu Cat Food". The protein content is above 43%. Selecting fish chicken beef, high -animal protein, also added prebiotic components, high digestion, cats are very easy to digest and absorb, cats are very easy to digest and absorb, cats are very easy to digest and absorb, cats are very easy Can make cats grow meat. Usually pay attention to eating less, so that the cat's stomach can better digest and absorb, and can get more nutrition from cat food

  2. Some pet cats are not good at absorbing the stomach and stomach, so they are thinner. Pet parents need not worry too much. If you want to make it fatter, you can work more in your diet and add more nutrients, but please pay attention to it, but pay attention Feeding, you can't ignore health in order to pursue fat, some foods cannot be eaten for cats, such as fat pork, large pieces of fat may cause cat vomiting and diarrhea, and the fat balls of pork are greater than other meats than other meats. Class will easily block cats and dog microvascular.

    1. To let cats eat more, it is necessary to improve the cat's diet and enhance the appetite of the cat. In terms of diet, parents are usually mainly cat food, and occasionally feed cats to boil white meat and salmon to balance nutrition. You also need to develop a regular and quantitative eating habits to avoid cats' partial food.
    2. Individual cats become so thin because of anorexia and picky eaters. In this case, cats can eat cats and want stomach motivation, enhance cat's appetite, can promote cat's intestinal digestion, enhance cat's appetite , Improve the problem of cats' anorexia, picky food, and partial eclipse;
    3, supplementing vitamins, feeding fruits and vegetables is more commonly used, but the effect is relatively slow. Miao wants nutrition cream, with high concentration of composite vitamins as the main raw material, which can meet the nutritional needs of cats and promote growth and development.

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