2 thoughts on “How can I remove insects in the puppy in the stomach in my belly?”

  1. 1. One month -old dog can use specialized dogs and cat deworming medicines
    2. After deworming, take medicines such as lactic acid bacteria tablets to promote digestion,
    3. A few times. Give it some foods that are easy to digest. If you don't like to eat, add some glucose in the water for it!
    4. You can inject muscle injection of the stomach and restore the stomach twice a day each time,
    5. Orally takes 3-5ml of oral liquid liquid (treating diarrhea), twice a day.
    PS: If you can't get better in 2 days, it is recommended to go to the animal hospital immediately!

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, a month -old dog can use special dogs and cats to repel the medicinenAfter deworming, make a stomach, take some medicines such as lactic acid bacterial tablets to promote digestion. After a few days, give it some foods that are easy to digest.nThirty days of puppies, the first insect removal can be carried out and outside the body. The puppies are deworming once a month from one to six months, and the insect repellent once every six months and two months, and an adult dog once a year of deworming once a year.nI do n’t need to take medicine, can I be okay in a few days?nAnswer this is impossiblenThis is impossiblenThe bug will not die by itselfnQuestion Where can I have this medicinenAnswer the dog's deworming medicine for dogs can be bought, and some pet beauty shops are also sold. Just go to the store for consultation.nWhat did the dog react after eating a question?nAfter answering the dog after taking the dog's deworming medicine, some will have obvious symptoms of pulling insects, and some may not pull the insects, but there will be a slight excretion of soft stools. Usually, it can return to normal in two to three days.nMore 9nBleak

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