If the dog is not good, you can take the lead or the buttocks

Some people say that don't get a head, to spank, where to fight, sometimes it is not obedient. I will take the lead directly. Essence Essence Please
is a small VIP. Essence The head hit very heavy. Essence Essence I ignore me a few more times. Essence Essence But it's not obedient, what should I do.

3 thoughts on “If the dog is not good, you can take the lead or the buttocks”

  1. Top! I saw others training the dog with my own eyes. The dog wanted to bite the chicken. The owner came over and pressed his head, pressed on the ground, hit his right hand hard, the poor big yellow dog made a terrible sorrow, and finally left the chicken far away. group!

  2. I'm not afraid that the dog is anxious, you can fight, the dog is anxious, but no matter the owner or the master, the bite is not wrong.

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